In-Store Holiday Music Puts Shoppers In the Mood to Buy (more!)

In-Store Holiday Music Puts Shoppers In the Mood to Buy (more!)

IN-Store Holiday Music Puts Shoppers In The Mood to Buy (More!)


Are you wondering about whether or not you should play holiday background music in your business, or what impact holiday background music may have?

Research has shown that music affects the way we think, feel and act, which has considerable consequences for our wallet. Given that happy shoppers are likely to spend more, playing Christmas background music in-store  is likely to put shoppers in a festive mood and get them to open up their wallets!

You’re walking the aisle of a local grocery store, innocently reaching for a gallon of milk, when it hits you: You’re whistling “Feliz Navidad.” Or humming “Jingle Bell Rocks.” Or stifling the irresistible urge to blurt out, “Parum Pum Pum Pum.

Studies show we spend more on flowers when romantic music is playing in the background. We choose more expensive bottles of wine when listening to Vivaldi. We linger in restaurants playing slow-tempo music, which leads us to order more food (not to mention drinks) and run up a longer tab.


Here’s an  In-Store Holiday Music Sample (Restaurant):



Here’s an In-Store Holiday Music and Marketing Message Sample (Retail Pharmacy Store):



When it comes to deciding on Christmas music at your business, it is important to get it right. Below are our list of holiday background music best practices: 


Do People Actually Like Holiday Music?

Holiday music can have a polarizing effect on people.In fact, a  Holiday Music Study, conducted by SOCAN reported that  82% of people actually enjoy hearing holiday music while shopping.


When Should I Start Playing Holiday Music?

While more than three-quarters of people enjoy listening to holiday music, that doesn’t mean they want to be overexposed to it either. Six in ten holiday shoppers like holiday music when it is played in December only.It’s a popular opinion to wait until at least after Thanksgiving to start playing holiday music in-store.


What Type of Holiday Music Should I Play?

The type of holiday music you choose to play is an important factor! For instance, jazz or classic carols will give your business a more luxurious and premium brand quality, while Christmas pop will appeal to a younger audience. Choosing the right genre is just as essential as deciding to have Christmas music at all; as with any music, if done right it can boost sales significantly by creating the perfect atmosphere.

As you prepare your holiday music playlist, listed below rare a few things to consider for your business:


Consider the Products or Services You Sell.

Research shows that during the holiday season, shoppers buy more holiday-related goods when Christmas music is playing in the store. If you are in the business of selling holiday goods, playing holiday music may help you increase the sales of those products.


Consider the Shopping Experience You Want to Create.

People shop more slowly and spend more time in a store that is playing low-tempo in-store music. When a business  is playing up-tempo music, customers tend to go through the store faster while still making the same amount of purchases according to Eric Spangenberg, Ph.D, dean of the College of Business at Washington State University in Pullman.


Consider How You Want Your Customers to Move Through Your Store.

You should cater your song selections that will welcome them to stay longer (low-tempo music) or usher them through the store faster (up-tempo music).


Consider the Length of Your Playlist Loop.

Repetitive music can reduce customer satisfaction. You’ll want to add enough songs so that customers (and employees for that matter) won’t be forced to hear the same song played multiple times during their visit. Having a  varied holiday music playlist will deliver a better experience to customers.


This is Your Brain On Jingle Bells!

November and December is a busy time of year at the North Pole for Santa and his elves, and it’s busy here at Original On Hold, too. While Santa is makin’ toys and packin’ the sleigh, we are injecting lots of  holiday tunes  in our clients’ businesses, and on their telephone on hold systems.

Hopefully after reading this blog post you now understand that holiday background music at your store has the power to affect how customers act, feel, and think.  The right in-store background music is the perfect way bring holiday cheer to your business and stimulate holiday sales. Ultimately, it has a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction, and the in-store shopping experience.

Thinking about in-store music for your business? Have questions? Not sure where to start? Contact Original On Hold, and let’s talk about elevating the in-store music and customer experience at your brand. 



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