When To Update Your In-Store Overhead Messaging Content?

When To Update Your In-Store Overhead Messaging Content?

When to Update Your In-Store Audio Messaging Content?


While your customers are browsing through your store, you want them to enjoy the experience, which includes being informed about all the promotional offers, events, specials, and brand details to help them make decisions.That’s why savvy marketers and business use in-store overhead audio messaging so customers can listen to a soothing music and a passionate voice briefly describe upcoming specials or events, which can keep them focused on your brand.

Experiences in your store can change how your customers feel about your brand, which can, in turn, influence their buying decisions. While much experiential marketing focuses on one-on-one experiences between your brand and your customers, you can create in-store overhead messaging that focuses on your customer demographic, so they can feel like you speak to them directly.

Although in-store audio messages are a great marketing tool, you must also have the proper strategy in place to routinely update the message content, so customer have an ongoing experience with your brand, which in encourages customers to return.

You need to be savvy about what the messages say, and how often you update the content, so below we’ll cover some key items such as what to say, when to update, and how to plan your content update strategy!  


What Types Of In-Store Message Content Should You Include?

Depending on your promotions and type of business, you can create your messages to best target your customers and goals.  A few ideas for what you can say in overhead messaging includes the following topics and theme.

  • Drive traffic to specific departments or areas.
  • Create interest in products and services.
  • Promote customer reward systems
  • Promote new products.
  • Highlight sales and promotions.
  • Share event announcements

Remember, A shopper or customer who is in your business is a hot lead for both sales and upsells, and strategic in-store message content creates an opportunity to connect with and convert them. Your in-store content is an extremely effective way to connect with interested audiences.


Planning Your In-store Overhead Message Content Strategy.

When it comes to marketing of any type, there’s no once-for-all-of-time solution. Successful marketing evolves with the needs and changes of both customers and the business. With that in mind, there most certainly will come a day when your overhead message content strategy needs a refresh. Knowing when that time has come and what it takes to approach a successful content strategy overhaul can be the difference between long-term success and a short-lived effort.

So, you need to create an update strategy that’s going to get results. We recommend having a content calendar, which is a calendar-based plan for your content that provides you a view of how your content will be laid out over a specified course of time.

You can create your calendar based on broad times such as:

  • Annually
  • Semi-Annually
  • Quarterly
  • Seasonal
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Or, you could break it down and create more specific and detailed updates based on:

  • Promotional Deadlines
  • Day of the Week
  • Time of the Date
  • Weather Conditions


When Should You Update In-Store Message Content?

If you already know the importance of having in-store overhead messaging, then you also know that in order for it to be impactful, you need to routinely update message content. So the question is “When should you update in-store message content? Well, the answer is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question! Several key factors play a major role in how often in-store audio message content should be updated, so the guide below can help you  determine what strategy and frequency will work best for your business.

  • Do you offer time sensitive offers and promotions? If you regularly promote time-sensitive offer and promotions, you want your in-store content to reflect that. You should update your content each time you run a new offer or campaign.
  • Do you offer daily specials? If you have a restaurant or business that changes your menu offerings or specials daily, you want to let customers in your store know. You should update your in-store content daily.
  • Does your business change based on seasons? If your business changes substantially during the seasons (i.e. you offer different products and menu items, your in-store decor changes, etc.), you would want to adjust your in-store content to match.
  • Does the weather impact the products or services your customers want? If weather changes create an opportunity for you to connect with customers (as would be the case for a tire shop that sells snow tires when it’s snowing), consider using weather-parting to automatically change your content when it can create an impact.


Final Thoughts…

As any business owner or retail chain knows, providing the right atmosphere is a key role in customer satisfaction. In addition to music, in-store overhead audio marketing can play a pivotal role in their overall sales and service.

Most consumers agree that their experience is more enjoyable with the right music and that their purchases are influenced by ad-supported audio. The facts don’t lie: In store marketing and messages on hold are highly effective ways to improve customer satisfaction and sales!

In-store messaging takes the basic amenity of background music and turns it into a proven revenue producer when it’s done correctly.

If you want expert advice on in-store overhead message marketing, then contact Original On Hold, and schedule a free consultation to learn how we can inspire in-store customers audibly.


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