Attorney On Hold Messages Win Over Prospective Clients

Attorney On Hold Messages Win Over Prospective Clients

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Today, more and more attorneys are realizing that in order to maintain their continued success, they need to focus on marketing and business development in order to obtain new clients. In fact, according to The Bellwether Report 2014: Brave New World, 75% of attorneys surveyed see attracting new business as a significant challenge for their firm.

Most law firms attract new clients through their online presence, or through referrals the prospective client has received from family and friends. However, once your prospect has your contact information, the first thing they will do is call you in order to set-up an initial consultation. When someone needs an attorney, often their situations are urgent. If several minutes of dead-silence is what they get, odds are likely that they’ll hang up and call the next guy on the list. That’s why on hold messaging for attorneys is a simple marketing tool that can help grow your law practice.

Lawyers aren’t trained salesmen or women they’re specialists in law. So, rather than having callers waiting in idle minutes of silence, instead attorney on hold marketing messages fill that hold-time void with entertaining and informative marketing content, to pique a caller’s interest, keep callers on the line and provides them with value during the process helping to differentiate your practice from competing law firms.

To win over potential clients, your law firm’s on hold marketing content can inform callers about:

•  About your practice and areas of specialties.

•  Your experience, qualifications and affiliations and how that can help them.

•  Recent cases or settlements your firm has won.

•  Steps to take immediately following an automobile accident.

•  Educate them about “FREE” initial consultations, or there’s no attorney’s fees unless you win their case

•  Questions to ask before hiring an attorney.

On hold messages for attorney’s can also help cultivate referrals. A lot of lawyers get most of their business from referrals, and that’s a wonderful thing, but the point is that it doesn’t just happen all by itself. The people who get these referrals are lawyers who ask for them, and what better way to tactfully remind callers that you’re there to also help their family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.

Due to the urgent nature in which most people are contacting an attorney, they’re low on patience, and aren’t in the mind set of waiting endlessly in silence while waiting to speak with someone to get the answers they’re seeking. On hold messaging will keep these customers from getting impatient and hanging up, and give them an enjoyable and even helpful experience while waiting for their calls to be answered.

Just like preparing a case for trial, you want to make sure you’ve dotted all the “I’s” and crossed all your “T’s”, and the same should be done to turn hold time into the perfect opportunity to educate prospects about your law firm and grow your practice for a winning verdict!

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