Your On hold Recording Is So Last Year

Your On hold Recording Is So Last Year

The  Christmas tree is gone, the decorations are long since taken down and the holidays are most certainly over.  That can only mean one thing. It’s time to get working on those resolutions! Many of us look to the New Year as a fresh start, and nothing gives your business a fresh start like updating your message on hold script content.

Let callers know about your business changes or improvements, before your callers realize that there’s nothing new about your company. If you let your marketing become stagnant, then you’re opening the door for your competitor’s to try and snatch up customers because your business has become stagnant, and I’m sure you don’t want that, do you?

Whether you have big changes planned for the coming year, or even just a few subtle changes, updating your on hold recording only takes a few adjustments here and there. Since the New Year calls for a fresh start, here are some script update tips, so you can welcome customers and prospective ones with a bang.

Tell them that about business improvements

Sure customers want quality, price and value when doing business with you, but they also want to know what you’re doing to better service their needs. It’s refreshing for customers to hear about new technologies, faster delivery or expansions. This gives the impression that you’re a stable and a strong company that proactively looks to take care of their needs.

Tell them about achievements

In today’s business environment there’s increased competition and less opportunities in play.  Customer loyalty has truly never been more valuable to the success or failure of a business.  Firstly, you had better have great customer service, otherwise you can stop reading this post right now. You should always continue to build your customer’s trust, confidence and loyalty towards your company by telling them about awards or achievements that have occurred at your business.  Maybe you’ve won an industry award? You’ve been featured in a local or national publication, you’ve won a competition or that you’re celebrating a milestone.  People like to know that they’re doing business with a successful company, so be sure to include that information in your on hold recording.

Tell them about a particular new feature

It’s the New Year, and you probably have some new features whether it’s your website, a new location or in your products or services. Tell your callers about something exciting in store for them this year, because they’re no longer excited about what you did last year.

A new twist on an old theme

While we recommend routine changes to maximize marketing efforts, we realize that some business may not always introduce new offerings. So what can you do to help freshen up your on hold messaging? Change the voice and background music.  Just like how changing the paint color can give an old room a whole new look and feel, the same can be accomplished simply by changing your on hold sound.  For instance, if you’ve been using a male voice talent, you might like to try and use a female voice talent for a change. How about that background music?  Even these subtle differences  gives callers the impression that there’s something new rather than giving them the same old, same old.

So there you have it.  A few recommendations from  The Original On hold Inc on how to create  new beginnings and fresh start for the New Year. Begin your year by updating your on hold message which always does the trick in keeping the callers glued on your on hold message. It also increases the chances of more information retention, and creating new opportunities for your business.


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