Without On hold Messaging, Companies Lose Billions Per Year in Potential Revenues!!!

Without On hold Messaging, Companies Lose Billions Per Year in Potential Revenues!!!

Many companies use different strategies just to make sure that they deliver the finest, most rewarding experience to calling customers. However, putting callers on hold is inevitable especially if you receive massive volume of calls every single day. Now the big question is, how much will it cost you just by merely making your callers wait on the other line? Will this practice take a toll on your brand’s image and affect your sales in the future?

What callers do on hold has been a very much debated topic; even the fact that businesses put customers on hold didn’t escape the judging eyes of those who has not experienced the amazing benefits of on hold messaging system. However, let’s not dwell on these negative thoughts – Rather, let’s focus on how businesses can potentially lose billions if customers are put in a bad on hold situation especially silence on hold.

According to a study done by AT&T, 70% of callers are placed on hold for roughly 45-60 seconds. It was said that 60% hang-up when put on hold, while 30% never call back. In addition, a North American Telecommunications Association Study confidently states that callers will disregard the call right away the moment they’re put in silence on hold.

Quite a percentage, right? Despite that, many companies still fail to address  their bad caller on hold issue thinking that they’ll get back all those lost calls and still make profit after losing a significant number of possible customers.

Before you raise your eyebrows, hear us out first. You’re lucky if you get a patient caller that can wait for a few minutes, enduring the boring and annoying silence on hold. But, dropped calls get a higher rate. Think about it – one drop call can represent a potential lifetime customer that will earn you tens of thousands of dollars over time. Remember that every call is equivalent to money spent on advertising and marketing strategies just to keep the phones ringing. Are you willing to throw that away just because of a reckless decision of putting callers on silence on hold or bad canned music?

If you don’t believe us, then you do the math. A simple mathematical equation will make you understand how much money you’re throwing away for every caller who hangs up on you.

So how do we improve the quality  of the caller on-hold experience, and prevent further losses from caller abandonment?

First, you have to check and make sure that the experience you’re providing your callers are worthwhile by putting up a top-notch on hold message that will represent your company’s branding image. See to it that you have provided a message that the callers will want to hear, which will eventually help and entertain them through the wait.

With the tough competition today, you have to utilize every opportunity present to keep customers and attract prospective ones.  This will keep your business running, and will give you a better road map to success.

Don’t waste any more calls! Find someone today that will make a high caliber message on hold for your business.

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