Without Music On hold and Messages Callers End Up Lost in the Black hole Space of Silence

Without Music On hold and Messages Callers End Up Lost in the Black hole Space of Silence

Perception is tricky; just when you thought you’ve already understood what a person is trying to say, you’ll be surprised when you find out that you totally had the wrong impression of the message. Take silence on hold, for example. A lot of companies use it because they think that’s how a “corporate phone system” is supposed to work.

However, you’ve got it all wrong. Silence on hold only worsens the situation, and instead of keeping the callers entertained during the wait, the effect is actually the opposite. Many callers feel that they’re being cut-off from the line after hearing nothing but silence, and they may think that you’re not interested in doing business with them.

As a result, they’ll look for other providers and companies who are more willing to give them the time of day rather than wait for nothing without any assurance that they’re still connected to the call.

Now that you know how bad the situation can get when you only have silence on hold, surely, you’re now thinking of getting something to fill the gap. I’m actually talking about getting a music on hold and messages, but instead, companies put up canned “thank you for holding” recordings.

Canned recordings are a big NO-NO when because it will only make things worse. Are you trying to say that you’ll just let the same recording sit there, playing over and over again without any plans of updating, changing, and enhancing it whatsoever? That’s just plain insulting.

Callers, as a matter of fact, have the right to learn more about your company and the business they’re dealing with. How will they be able to get to know your brand if you don’t have a decent message that will give them news and updates about your products and services?

I’m pretty sure you’re well-aware that putting your clients on hold is the most crucial moment for your company because those few minutes will be the time that customers formulate their impression towards your business. Do you think you and your brand will be seen in a better light if you’re on hold message is a simple recording, or worse silence on hold?

If you want to change how things work around your business, make sure that you’re considering your customers’ experience; you’ll only be able to do that if you have a professional on hold message on your telephone system that will not only entertain callers but also provide them with relevant information.

Success is just around the corner once you know how to work on existing resources to your advantage. Don’t make the same mistakes like other companies do – enhance the caller experience, improve caller retention and increase sales. Try adding a professional message on hold systemto your phones and you’ll definitely see the big difference.

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