Winning Marketing Strategies for Your Product Demo Videos

Winning Marketing Strategies for Your Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos That Sell


We all know video is one of the most effective methods of storytelling, but video isn’t just for telling your brand’s story, it’s also one of the most highly effective ways to demonstrate the uses, features and benefits of your products to prospective customers. However, before you ever begin to create a product demonstration video, you need to have your video strategy in place.  To do that, you must think through exactly how you plan to use your video, who is watching them and where they are consuming your content.

Below are tips to create a compelling product demo video, and how to maximize results.


Here’s What You Need to Think About.



Obviously, product page videos need to showcase various aspects of your product to potential customers that they couldn’t see in a static photo. For retailers, it could be demonstrating how a product looks or works in a home or office environment. Another example may be an online store that sells outdoor recreation items, it may be best to show a product in use on a camping excursion with a beautiful background of lakes and mountains.

Forty-nine percent of online shoppers say not being able to physically touch a product is one of their least favorite parts of shopping online. Your goal with your product page video should be to bridge that gap and provide a more holistic buying experience. Put the product in scenarios your customer might use to test it out when in the store.


Where Will You Use the Product Demo Video?



Product videos won’t just be used on a product page! You will want to use them in email nurture streams and in social advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Knowing how you will use a video will help to minimize costs and time spent in creating a video. You should aim to optimize your product demo video, and a part of that includes proper planning.

For instance, if you have multiple email nurture streams, differentiate between them. A product video for a welcome series email and a product video for an abandoned cart email have slightly different messages. In one, you want to introduce your brand and a popular product. In the latter, you want to encourage a final purchase with customer reviews, urgency or any other psychological trigger.


What Is the Purpose Of the Product Demo Video?



The purpose of the product video will be largely determined by where the video lives. Be prepared to record different versions to use for various product video purposes.

Here are the three main purposes of any product video, and the use scenario(s) that most closely aligns with each.

    • Increase conversions: product page, welcome series email, Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising (targeting existing customers).
    • Increase AOV: product page, welcome series email, Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising (targeting existing customers).
    • Attract new customers: Facebook and instagram advertising (targeting net new customers), distribution on YouTube (welcome series).


How to Achieve the Best Results?



Video shoots can be difficult, long and expensive –– but not for the well-prepared. In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the advantages to using a professional video agency rather than taking the DIY approach. Professional video agencies have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to provide solutions for their customers to help  increase sales and grow their brand with the use of video marketing.

Product Demo Video Needs:

  • Shots of the product in use
  • 360-degree views of the product
  • Shots of the product in use with commonly used items you sell, or with necessary accessories
  • It needs to look clean. This means well-lit on a simple background, usually black or white. Consumers associate cleanliness with trust. Without trust, no one will buy from you.
  • Keep it simple! Product page videos should be less than one minute in length. Other videos mentioned in this guide will add bumpers to the beginning and end of these videos, or cut from this video, for usage elsewhere. Simple and to the point is best.


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