Why Your On Hold Messages Should Be Stamped With an Expiration Date

Why Your On Hold Messages Should Be Stamped With an Expiration Date

 The #1 mistake businesses make once they implement on hold messaging in their business is letting the marketing message grow old and boring. Are you keeping your listening audience tuned-in? If you’ve been running the same message for more than 12 months, then you’re not adapting and meeting the needs of customers.  Remember this: What was hot last year, is exactly that, so last year!

Are you clinging to tired-old marketing messages that no longer work in today’s market? Unlike fine wines that get better with age, your marketing doesn’t and should be periodically reviewed and refreshed.  Boring is one thing you can’t afford to be when it comes to marketing your business, so it’s time to inject some creativity into your marketing efforts and make every marketing dollar count.

Because the market is always changing, your marketing strategy needs to change with it, unfortunately most of your traditional advertising media can’t change on a moment’s notice. Print advertising takes weeks, same with a radio or tv spot. However, your on hold message can change on a dime, especially with MOM  — our MESSAGE ON HOLD MANAGER, a user-friendly, online dashboard which allows you to update content anytime, from anywhere – 24/7!

If you really want to tap into your listening audience, you need to keep them tuned in.  So think about what is interesting to your audience, and ask yourself:

1) When was the last time you took a good long look (listen) at your on hold message?

2) What’s happening with your market?

3) Are you still using the same old topics?

4) Are your metaphors stale?

5) How are you moving and growing?

If you say nothing has changed and you don’t need a new message, why haven’t you changed something? The marketplace and economic condition constantly change. How can you expect customers to think of you as new and exciting if you don’t think of yourself as continually responsive to the marketplace? The successful marketer of today and beyond is flexible, resourceful, on top of trends, plugged into conversations, and needs to be ready to change course at the drop of a hat. Be willing to step out and test fresh new script copy ideas in your phone on hold message in order to keep pace with customer demands.

While there’s no stamped “use by” date, having an old, outdated on-hold message isn’t going to produce stellar results. However, continuously fascinating your audience is not an easy task, and that’s where our staff of creative on-hold copywriters will turn words into magic to keep your company’s message fresh, appealing and in-tune with customer’s current needs. This doesn’t mean massive changes to your on hold  strategy, but rather bringing new life to the message by freshening script copy up a bit.

Whether you’re launching a new product/service or looking to strengthen your existing business, providing timely and relevant information is an important component of that plan. Go ahead, update your on hold marketing, and see what a big difference it makes in improving an already great marketing tool at your business.

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