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Why You Need to Think Of Your On Hold Message Script Copy Like a Direct Response Ad!

Why You Need to Think Of Your On Hold Message Script Copy Like a Direct Response Ad!

When someone-with-something-to-sell gets you to take money out of your pocket, THAT PERSON communicated well…especially with times as frugal as they are now.  When it comes to on-hold message scriptwriting, you need to get to the point, and quickly!

The ability to find the exact right words to tell your company’s story isn’t an easy feat, and it’s even harder to do so consistently. Not everyone knows how to convey their value proposition in 50 words or fewer — but everyone sure should be able to. That’s why writing effective advertising copy for on-hold messages should be left up to the professionals.

With on-hold statistics showing callers hang-up within less than thirty seconds, you need to get to the point quickly capture their attention and keep them on the line to giving yourself the opportunity to even be able to serve them. Don’t waste your time or money just talking about how great you are. Let’s face it, the caller isn’t exactly excited to be waiting in the first place. Instead, think about your on hold message content like a direct response ad.

Why a direct response ad? Waiting callers on-hold are an audience which present a “tremendous” inbound marketing opportunity for your business. So, your on-hold marketing copy should broadcast targeted messages to let customers and prospects know about your offerings to raise awareness. After all, the more they know. The more they buy!

Studies have proven that when done effectively, on-hold message advertising can increase sales by more than 20%.  Although On hold advertising is considered more of a soft-sell approach with the message being more subtle, casual, or a friendly sales message. Don’t underestimate its power and potential to influence callers and drive additional sales.

In the end, Ad copy for on-hold message scriptwriting requires specific skills. First, the amount of on-hold time has to be taken into consideration. You have to create copy that talks to callers and invites them to talk to you as well. You need to start a conversation, be clear, crisp and concise, and don’t forget your call to action. 

When custom carved out by professional on-hold message scriptwriters, your company’s on-hold advertising message will be entertaining, informative and engaging and infused with  the right amount of persuasion combined with  an irresistible call to action.  Yes, these beautiful sounding “bite-sized” marketing pieces will grow your sales, and that’s music to any business owners ears!

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