Why You Must Increase Your Advertising During COVID-19

Why You Must Increase Your Advertising During COVID-19

You Must Increase Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic


With the COVID-19 Pandemic upon us, it is not business as usual. Just a few weeks ago, businesses across the U.S. came to a screeching halt! The CDC and Government recommended the shutting down of all non-essential businesses, and both local and federal governments imposed a stay at home order during the corona virus outbreak.

While it might seem logical to make cuts to your advertising budget, in reality, it’s not a very sound decision, and can actually hurt your business. Why? Well, it’s really quite simple.  Your customers and potential customers still exist, and they’re going to purchase goods and services from someone, that’s a fact. If you’re not maintaining  your advertising to stay top of mind, then you will not only lose out on sales during a time when it’s most needed, but you can make the situation worse as your customers may jump ship to your competitor who is staying in the forefront. Think about that for a minute!


When Times are Good You Should Advertise, When Times are Bad You “MUST” Advertise!

During times of crisis, most businesses first instinct is to pull back on their advertising spend. Many business view marketing as an expense instead of what  it truly is, which is an “investment” in growing your business, both now and in the future.

Here’s why you should stay the course and continue advertising instead of cutting back. As we mentioned above, customers are still ordering take-out and delivery from restaurants, automobiles are still being serviced and repaired, home services companies are still serving customers, etc.

Advertising and marketing are staples to any business. The end result of continually focusing on advertising and marketing is simple: when the downturn ends, your return on your marketing expenditures will be multiplied. While your competitors cut back their marketing spending, and you maintain yours while making smarter decisions, you increase your voice among your competition and within your community, clients and potential clients.

Let’s face it, even when business is good, you can always use more business, and when business is bad, you need all the business you can get!


Marketing Misconceptions! … Don’t Pull Back, Instead Create Opportunity During These Uncertain Times.

History has a great way of teaching us lessons. During tough economic times, it might seem logical to cut back on your advertising spend, however we’ve debunked that theory above, as every business has to stop the panic mode, and realize that their existing customers are still out there, as well as potential new customers. While you may have to be more creative on how you connect with customers, if you do nothing, they won’t be there later!

It all boils down to who is going to advertise to remain top of mind and get the business, while at the same time actually growing their business by gaining new customers from their competitors who have cut back, giving them an even bigger slice of the pie.  By staying the course, you keep your brand and business in the forefront of your customer’s mind. An effective advertising strategy should actually help you increase sales.

During the COVID-A19 Pandemic, with most consumers no longer visit most businesses, this has caused an incredible surge in increased call volume, resulting in longer hold times which is simply unavoidable. With on hold messages and professional auto attendant recordings, this is your chance to offer answers to FAQs or provide updates about any changes to your business during this crisis.


On Hold Messaging Sample 


Auto Attendant Recording Sample


People are Stuck In Their Homes, and Spending Even More Time On Line. How Are You Taking Advantage Of This Opportunity?

With just about everyone on lock-down, guess what? That’s right, on-line and social media usage has skyrocketed! Are you taking advantage of this opportunity? … Many businesses have pulled back on their on-line and social advertising, and have become disengaged with their customers. This has also drawn down the cost of advertising on these platforms as well. On-line marketing videos for your website, facebook and instagram ads, etc. is one of the most effective ways in which you can stay in front of customers, gain new customers, increase sales and create growth opportunities now and long after we pull through this.


Marketing Video Sample

Think about this for example. Home service companies are taking it on the chin like everyone else, as customers don’t want to take risks of them entering their homes. However, with everyone stuck at home, it’s going to cause mass usage of their plumbing, electrical and hvac systems, resulting in a huge surge in the need for service. If you’re informing customers and prospects that you’re open, easing their fears by reassuring them of the precautions you’ve taken to ensure their safety, etc  this will allow you to get your trucks on the road, technicians in the field, gain new business and keep cash flowing!

Once again, if you stay the course whether you’re selling home work-out equipment, you’re trying to increase your take-out orders, or you provide home services. There’s no doubt that custom marketing videos will engage, connect and convert customers into buyers, thus increasing your sales!


Final Thoughts….

During unusual situations, such as the one we’re currently experiencing with COVID-19, it’s important you keep your businesses’ information up to date and accurate, whether you’re communicating new business policy or sharing best practices. However, this is also your opportunity to strike and gain market share, because competitors are closing down or slowing down on their marketing. So now is the time to double down.

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in how they market, sell, and stay connected during the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get creative,  instead of waiting on sidelines for something to happen.

Contact Original On Hold for smart advertising spending that will help your business stay in front of customers, maximize your potential to increase market share – all while optimizing your budget!

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