Why You Must Dot the I’s in Your On hold Message Marketing Script

Why You Must Dot the I’s in Your On hold Message Marketing Script

By strategically incorporating on hold messages to your telephone system, you can increase your chances at attracting new businesses while establishing better communication with your long time clients. See, audio until today proves to be an effective way to establish presence and helps you become more visible in the market.

Creating on hold message script content that’s engaging  and compelling can be a little challenging. That’s why we recommend you seek help from the experts.  We have the knowledge and know-how of  how to properly construct the message that you want to impart to your audience. After all, your message will be the voice of your brand, so you want to make sure your giving the right message!

If you’re in the process of brainstorming for ideas, please don’t forget to bear these three I’s in mind as it will help you come up with a far more superior message over others.


Got a website or a social media account? Use your on hold message to inform your callers about your website,  your fan page or how to follow your brand. With the use of message on hold to promote your website and social communities, there’s a bigger opportunity for you to increase your followers. Aside from that, you can also utilize your on hold message by introducing new products and services as well as special offers.


Don’t forget, you should also use your  on hold messaging to announce breaking news stories, achievements,  anniversaries, trade shows or events to your callers! By letting your clients get involved, they will feel that they’re part of the success that your company celebrates. Give your clients the opportunity to contribute to your brand by encouraging them to leave comments, testimonials, or messages.


Did you know that an on hold message can also be a good medium to create word-of-mouth marketing? No, we’re not just talkin’ one friend telling another friend, we’re talking social action? The number of people calling your business is proof enough that your message has a potential to inspire people. For instance, you can include your company’s humble beginnings, or your employees’ best work practices. An inspiring message can help initiate conversation between you and your customer, and just as important it can inspire conversation between your customer and his or her friends!!!


One of the keys to successful on-hold marketing is developing interesting, and  informative content. How will you make your content matter to your callers? Ask yourself if you’ve incorporated these three I’s in your on hold message. Once you’ve applied them, you’ll see that customers will find your message appealing, amusing, and valuable.

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