Why On Hold Messaging Can Help Customer Service and Earn Your Company More Sales

Why On Hold Messaging Can Help Customer Service and Earn Your Company More Sales

It’s everywhere. Customers now have a bigger, louder and stronger voice than ever before. According to a recent study conducted by a company hired by American Express only 23% of consumers believe companies “value their business and will go the extra mile for them.”

How many times do you hear from a consumer that good customer service is worth its weight in gold? Two-thirds of customers say that they will pay up to 13% more for a product or service. You can enhance your service by having the right on-hold message.

A great on hold message can be the solution to many consumer problems.

Here are two example problems.

Problem: A majority of consumers want to talk to a person when they are experiencing a problem.

Solution: As much as people are turning to social media and online support an overwhelming 65-76% of your customers will pick up the phone and contact your company to discuss issues they may be experiencing. By offering sales, special offers and discounts in the on-hold message, you are creating interest from the consumer to continue to purchase your service. If you train your customer service agents to re-cap your on-hold message you should quickly increase your sales.

Problem: Most customers report that a rude or unresponsive customer service agent is the most likely reason for them to switch brands.

Solution: Your company can prevent this loss by having engaging and entertaining hold messaging, and clear and concise menus with sales, specials etc. Once a customer service representative answers he/she should be friendly, welcoming and recap the messages the customer just listened to.

In the end, creating an ideal experience for every customer is ultimately in the hands of the customer service agent that answers your client’s calls. However you can transition your customers into this great care by having an effective and engaging on hold message.

Every chance you have to connect to your customer is a chance to gain a sale. Install a great on-hold message today and start earning sales quickly.

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