Why Keeping On Hold Message Content Relevant Adds Value, Engages Customers and Propels Sales Growth!

Why Keeping On Hold Message Content Relevant Adds Value, Engages Customers and Propels Sales Growth!

Has your on-hold message marketing content hit the skids? Does it feel dry, lifeless and completely devoid of any engaging wit or interesting banter? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common occurrence spawned by the fact that too often businesses look at on-hold messaging as a one shot deal. Unfortunately, some businesses have a ‘set and forget’ mentality when it comes to their approach to on hold marketing.

Whether you’re a brand promoting products or services, a business trying to increase awareness of and interest in what you’re selling, how can expect people to interact with you if you aren’t actively interacting with them? Any marketer worth their salt knows that if you let marketing content become stale, it will likely stall enthusiasm and turn off  callers as well as potential sales. It loses its freshness, effervescence, originality and effectiveness. In other words what once was a great marketing message has become ho-um and lack luster.

Your customers and prospects needs and preferences change throughout the year, so ask yourself:  Do those old messages still seem like they will resonate with callers? If not, it’s time for some retooling. You need to assure that when the time comes to tell your brand stories your on-hold ads aren’t full of old, irrelevant ideas.

So, how can you get your on hold messaging to flourish once again? The secret is a creative balance among entertainment value, message and call-to-action . The development and implementation of new ideas and strategies can completely reinvigorate a message on-hold campaign. Do you have seasonal product/service changes? What about announcing upcoming trade shows you’re exhibiting at? Can you include holiday themes in your marketing messages?  Are you launching a new product, service or division of your company? Having a committed approach to on hold marketing and promotion means providing relevant information and lively content to generate some real interest in offers mentioned on hold.   

The good news? With a little creativity and a commitment to fixing what’s broke, you can get back on track.  By keeping your on-hold marketing content fresh and relevant for your audience,  you can stimulate and propel your business towards success or help support it to enjoy ongoing success. Reinvigorating your business’s on-hold marketing campaign can deliver results that all business owners want to see – increased market share, a boost to your reputation and image and, ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

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