Why It’s Important To Update Your On Hold Message!

Why It’s Important To Update Your On Hold Message!


As pioneers of this industry, we at The Original On Hold, Inc. have become completely acquainted with people’s perception of time from all the research and case studies we did in the past. One of the many things we’ve learned that we want to impart to you is that when people are exposed to something fun and enjoyable activity, they feel that time flies faster compared to those moments when they’re stressed and bored. Oh how they feel frustrated thinking that time ticks so slowly, or worse, time seems to stand still.

One time when we sent out a newsletter  reminding customers to update their on hold messages especially when they’ve made changes with their processes, or if they have new products/services that they’re planning to launch. Surprisingly, one of our customers angrily responded to our email saying that he updates his message whenever it is necessary, and that our newsletter felt like it was our sales strategy to persuade them into upgrading to a more expensive package.

Taken aback with the customer’s rush judgment, we checked their status and learned that their on hold message script was last updated in 2005. Imagine 6 years of playing the same message over and over again to your callers. No wonder their customers hang-up after a few minutes of being put on hold because not only were their on hold message not updated, it has been heard by almost every caller who tried to do business with them, leaving a negative impression towards their company.

After learning the status of their on hold messages, we replied to their email as soon as possible, attaching the script of their old on hold message with the urgency that they should definitely update their message on hold before it’s too late.

When the customer knew about the matter, they were surprised to see that their on hold message is already obsolete saying that their services and products have already been upgraded, while others were totally wiped out. Plus, their website has already been moved to another location, and realized this is probably why they only get a few traffic although they put relevant information in their homepage. They’re set to make changes right away. It’s quite alarming that all their processes and website URL has already updated, but not one words changed on their on hold message.

This is why it’s important to frequently update your on hold marketing message, because if it isn’t,  not only your business suffering from customer loss, but your callers as well. Once your customers feel like they’re being trapped in a time capsule, then perhaps it’s time to do some on hold message updating.

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