Why Hire a Video Marketing Company For Your Next Video Ad?

Why Hire a Video Marketing Company For Your Next Video Ad?

Why Hiring a Video Marketing Agency Will Get You a Better ROI


Whether you’re an attorney, a dentist, heavy equipment manufacturer, or eCommerce company, video marketing can boost your business. Why? Because video sits at the crossroads of two truths: it’s the medium that conveys the most information to consumers, and video is the medium that people prefer to consume.

If you’re planning to use video to grow your business, then one of the most difficult decisions you’re going to face is how to get those videos made.


You essentially have three major options:

  • Create your own video in-house (DIY)
  • Hire a video producer (Videographers)
  • Partner with a Video Marketing Agency (Marketers who specialize in video)



Success hinges on the right video, the right message, and the right production quality to differentiate your brand. Even though we’re a video marketing agency, we recognize that there’s a time and place for each of the options listed above. In our opinion, unless your brand is a personal brand (eg. blogger, life/business coach, etc),  then you need a high quality production, and it’s always best to stay away from the DIY approach.

Now that you understand that in order to accomplish a successful marketing campaign, you need a higher quality video, but another decision you’ll need to make is deciding between a videographer or a video marketing agency, how do they differ?


Below, are some recommendations to help you figure out which video marketing strategy is the right one for your next project! 


While we have the utmost respect for most videographers, truth be told, these folks aren’t storytellers, marketers or salespeople. They are good at capturing the shot, but since they do not necessarily have the marketing savvy or know-how of getting your audience to respond or take action, so if you decide to work with producers, your team had better come ready with a smart video marketing strategy  or else you risk your video falling flat, which also results in wasted money!

A video marketing agency differs from videographers, because they focus on both the video and the marketing strategy behind it.  They bring the best of both worlds; high quality video producers and marketing savvy.  When you work with a video marketing agency, you can count on a higher level of strategy and your videos will have more alignment with your sales and marketing goals.

A video marketing agency will also strategize a plan for long-term video assets, because that’s where the ROI comes from. That means prioritizing video campaigns and where and how to successfully use them such as:

  • Sales videos
  • Product videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Online videos
  • Social video ads
  • Mobile video ads
  • Digital signage,etc.


There’s an astounding number of poorly-produced marketing videos roaming cyberspace, and this is your opportunity to stand out. One-third of all online activity is spent watching video, and that number is only growing. If you want to connect with consumers, educate them about your brand, and convert them into customers – you need a quality video that viewers want to watch, share, and engage with your brand.

According to a study conducted by Unruly, video ads increase consumer purchase intent by 97%. A video marketing company is equipped with all the bells, whistles and experience to make your video ad sizzle! They eliminate a lot of guesswork, and assure that you get a high-quality produced video with the right targeted message, that will drive premium results for your business.

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