Why Hire a Professional Auto Attendant Recording Service?

Why Hire a Professional Auto Attendant Recording Service?

Why Hire a Professional Auto Attendant Recording Service?

We’ve all heard the cliché that you only get one chance at a first impression.  However, just because a phrase has become trite does not mean it has lost its truth.  When you’re meeting customers face-to-face, it’s much easier to engage with them and see how your pitch is coming across.  But when they’re calling in to your business, you lose the ability to read their body language – and they lose the ability to read yours.

That’s why the automated phone attendant greetings that your callers hear should present your company in the best possible way.  Think of your phone greetings as the voice of your business.  After all, it’s the first thing your current and potential customers hear when they call in.  As such it should be worded succinctly and get your callers to the person or department they need to speak with quickly and correctly.  And above all, the tone should be professional, friendly, and welcoming.



Putting the best possible face on your company solely through a voice is daunting for many companies, especially when that voice is a recording instead of a live person.  We’ve heard many, many times from potential and current customers about their trepidation in recording their own company’s phone greetings, either out of embarrassment or a fear of sounding unprofessional.

Finding a professional, friendly, and welcoming voice for your company doesn’t necessarily have to be an intimidating proposition. When you carefully select a professional auto attendant recording service, they typically have an extensive roster of trained voice over professionals who not only know the importance of making your telephone greeting sound good, but making it sound like your brand.



The best phone greetings not only present an air of professionalism, but quickly give your callers the information they need and assist them just as a live person answering the phone would.

Here are some helpful tips on how to create the best auto attendant recordings possible for your callers:

  • Say Only What Needs to Be Said: While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s much more nuanced than you’d think. Some of our customers ask us what their greetings should say, and our answer is usually this: say what needs to be said, and no more.  You’re trying to either get your callers to the person or department they need, or get them to information (like your address, website, or hours) in a timely and efficient matter.  The more you try and pack into a single greeting, the higher the likelihood that your callers will grow impatient or annoyed.  You don’t need to say everything at once – keep the initial message short and sweet.
  • Include After Hours and Closed Recordings: There’s nothing worse for callers to think your business is open and ready to serve them — when it’s not! When planning out your phone system’s automated attendant recordings, be sure to include an after hours recording, and if applicable let callers know if you are closed in observation of a particular holiday, or due to inclement weather.
  • Sub Menu Madness: In certain cases sub-menus are helpful in directing caller such as dial-by-name directories, hours of operation, address and directions, etc. But we would have you keep these to a very limited number of options that are important. DO NOT overwhelm callers with options and extensions that are not going to help them or route their call quickly.



While many people prefer a live voice when they call your company, everyone appreciates their call being routed to the right department seamlessly. An automated attendant phone system, when implemented properly, will easily accomplish such a task.

A professional auto attendant recording gives you complete control over your welcome message. You can customize the auto attendant script for your personalized greeting, business message, menu options, and so on, depending on whether the call is received during business hours, holidays, and non-business hours.

If you’re ready to give your brand a voice by hiring a professional auto attendant recording service, then Contact Original On Hold for a FREE, no-obligation consultation and quote.  

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