Why Custom On Hold Messages Are Better Than Elevator Music for Your Waiting Callers

Why Custom On Hold Messages Are Better Than Elevator Music for Your Waiting Callers

Don’t be another company that plays elevator music!

Have you ever gotten in to an elevator and realized that the exact same song was playing the night before when you were in another elevator? Chances are you probably can’t remember which song it was, what the chords were like, or if you even really enjoyed the song because it was so generic that it faded in to the background. A lot of companies take the approach that playing a loop of generic music will keep their customers calm and interested, but we know that just is not true. If a customer is calling you, you have already engaged their interest, the best thing to do is customize your On hold music to ensure they don’t hang up during the wait.

Staying Current

It’s important to have a customized hold message because this is a great opportunity for your company to share its current specials, upcoming deals, sales and any other marketing you are engaging in. Want to make sure that your customer was really listening? Drop in a special discount or savings code to the on hold message, apply the discount only if the consumer mentions it. That way you are having customers actively listen to the deals, potentially increase their purchase, and you have a way to track how successful your campaign is.

Professional Sales Copy helps sell customers while on hold

Would you pick your print of online advertisements out of a discount bin? If not then why would you let someone else give you discounted hold music? Using professional copy with targeted keywords and exciting messages will engage your client and encourage them to make a better purchase.

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