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When Callers Are Exposed to On hold Messages the Benefits Can be Numerous!!

When Callers Are Exposed to On hold Messages the Benefits Can be Numerous!!

As additional business all the time is being transacted over the telephone the emphasis on sounding good increases tremendously. A positive sounding communication raises the image of the company in the mind of the customer contemplating doing business with them.

The fact of the matter is that surveys taken consistently show that when callers are exposed to a customized greeting they regularly are left feeling it is a capable and responsible company with whom they are doing business.

A company’s image is immediately enhanced by participating in an on hold message strategy. It is so vital that in the limited amount of time a person is kept on hold that every effort be made to help them formulate a positive impression of the business they are waiting to speak with. A more satisfactory customer experience can develop with on hold messaging.

Another positive benefit when businesses use on hold messaging is that it drastically reduces the number of hang ups that occur which always are costly when they do happen. It is difficult to gauge but many feel literally thousands of dollars are lost by people becoming impatient being made to wait and simply hanging up and possibly looking elsewhere. With competitive advertising, no business should lose sales due to discontented customers.

Traditional advertising which can become very costly is in many cases wasted on people not qualified to use the service or product or simply not interested in doing so. The good news for every business but even more so for the smaller entities is that all of this can be accomplished with a very small cost relatively speaking involved.

Businesses are also able to utilize on hold messages to help cross sell other services and products they have to offer. On hold marketing pretty much insures that the message is in fact reaching someone to whom it will truly mean something. Another advantage they bring with them is the lack of competition from other advertisers for the listener’s attention. It simply doesn’t get any better than specific messages being played directly to a specific audience interested in hearing what they have to say.

Like any other form of marketing, companies using this type of promotion should revise the marketing messages on a regular basis, so callers are left with the impression that their time was not wasted at all while they were waiting to transact their business.

The bottom line is that on hold messages offer a long list of positives for everyone involved and simply must be included in the plans of any successful business.

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