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What Should Your On hold Message Script Copy Say to Callers?

What Should Your On hold Message Script Copy Say to Callers?

Your message on-hold scriptis an important part of your marketing strategy. What do you tell to your customers? What kind of information do you have to include in your message to attract them? There are endless questions; but, for now let’s focus on the basic ways to create an effective on-hold message.

For some companies, on-hold messages are pretty obvious. For instance, a car company could simply share the latest car models they have or the ones that they need to get off the lot. However, what happens if your company doesn’t have regular changes in products or what have you?

That said, you have to think about what your callers frequently ask whenever they connect to you. If your working hours are comprised of answering repetitive questions from customers, then this should give you an idea on what to include in your on-hold message. You can use answers as a lead in to the message system. By the time you entertain customer calls, they’ll have a bigger issue at hand, instead of those little, obvious questions.

The moment you start answering those customer queries, chances are they’ll be equipped with new questions in the future. Then, you’ll have the liberty of updating your on-hold script more frequently. Here at The Original On Hold, we have Message Xpress where you can edit and update your on-hold message whenever and wherever you are. You don’t want to bore your callers with the same message playing over and over, right? That would be a crime in marketing!

Aside from frequently asked questions, don’t forget to mention any special deals and offers in your on-hold message. All latest updates should be included in your script to let the customers know what you’ve been up to lately. This will also give them more reason to patronize your products and services.

Start pondering about your on-hold message script. If you need some help, we at The Original On Hold,Inc are  just a risk free on hold system trial away.

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