What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Optometrists?

What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Optometrists?

What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Optometrists?


Before video marketing became a thing in the medical world, new entrants used to be at great disadvantage in breaking through the marketing walls. The barriers were very high. Fortunately, today’s video marketing has changed a lot about that, providing even more benefits to optometrist at all levels.  Below, we’ve provided a sample video, and we’ll also cover some of the most popular benefits of video marketing for optometrists.



Improve Rankings on Search Engines

Online surfers are very much drawn to videos, and can be the breakthrough you are looking for. They are great for converting potential patients, as well as for improving your site’s evaluation on search engines.

One major criteria Google uses to determine whether you are providing what visitors want is the time they spend on your site. When they stay longer on your site, watching videos, Google will take it to mean that you are providing the information they are searching for. This can push your site up on search engine results.


Convey Information More Effectively

Information that has to do with the eyes needs clarity and efficiency.  When patients want to find out more about eye care issues, they want to get the best details as quickly as possible in a manner that will be easily processed. There’s no better way to communicate with your patients on such sensitive issues than through videos. With well  produced marketing videos, it will take just a few seconds to grab the attention of viewers, explain your practice area and why they should be convinced that you are the best optometrist to handle their problems. Of course you can do all these in writing, but it will not be as effective as having it on videos.


Achieve Higher Ad Effectiveness

There is this feeling of unusual ease that comes to your audience when they scroll through your banner or sidebar ad and things blend in quickly. Videos on the other hand have a way of grabbing attention so quickly. Video ads can keep your audience glued and allow them to gain quite a lot within the shortest period of time. Keeping your potential patients captivated is the first step towards converting them into becoming actual patients. When done well, written ads can captivate patients, but it cannot be compared to the level of influence that a visual ad will have on the psychology of the patients.


Boost Patient Satisfaction

On average, patients spend more than fifteen minutes in your reception area during each visit. As they arrive, they’re already thinking about their eye health/vision — they obviously care enough to take time out of their day to schedule an appointment. If there was ever a time when a patient is primed to learn more, it’s during that time in the waiting room. However many practices fail to take advantage of the opportunity of waiting room video.

While you know all about the various procedures and treatment programs, your patients don’t share your education and knowledge. The office staff—from the doctor to the hygienists to the front desk—have limited time available for such discussions.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve learned that your waiting room can be so much more than a holding pen for patients while they wait for their appointment time. Dental waiting rooms equipped with educational video can be a strategic part of your practice’s patient engagement and education process.

You can calm patient’s nerves, educate them, motivate them, and even get them to inquire about optional procedures.


Excellent Return On Investment

As an optometrist, you are basically providing services to your patients. Video marketing comes with a lot of tangible benefits for you. It can lead the financial breakthrough you want to have. Creating a session in your landing page where your video is uploaded and increases the sales of your services. A custom produced video is highly effective in explaining how well your services will meet the needs of patients.


Final Thoughts…

Creating engaging, powerful video content is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. This is your opportunity to share your practice story — its personality, expertise and services in a way that will engage and leave an impression on current and potential new patients alike.

Video marketing is a powerful strategy to market your practice, communicate with your patients and prospects, and build relationships and trust. Studies show the power of video is constantly growing and it can have direct results on your revenue.

Are you ready to implement a video marketing strategy for your eye care practice? Contact us for a free, no-obligation discovery session with our video marketing and production team.

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