Want More HVAC Clients? HVAC Video Marketing Case Study

Want More HVAC Clients? HVAC Video Marketing Case Study

HVAC Video Marketing Client Case Study

HVAC Video Marketing Case Study: Pro Air Inc.


Pro Air Heating & Cooling is a second generation, family owned and operated company that has been serving the residential and commercial comfort needs of their community since 1980. They pride themselves on industry education, advanced technologies, customer service and a commitment to fairness, honesty, and ultimate customer satisfaction. They simply desire to be the very best heating & air conditioning contractor possible.


The Challenge:

Pro Air desired to grow their business using smarter, results driven ways to generate interest in their products and services.  As with most trade related businesses, owners after often outstanding when it comes to their craft and skills of the trade, but when it comes to marketing their business — not so much!

Prior to using Original Video Company, Pro Air did some pay-per-click advertising with nominal results, and relied more heavily on traditional marketing tactics such as cold calling, postcards/direct mail, etc. While these strategies helped to maintain steady business, the business wasn’t really growing, so they decided it was time to update the company’s marketing mentality – they didn’t want to be “old school” any more.


The Solution:

We produced a series of custom marketing videos  that would meet multiple marketing objectives Pro Air, and  that would also heavily support their pay-per-click and/or other online marketing campaigns.

The most important thing that there can be in marketing in home service contracting period is being where the customer is at the time of need. Because no one is planning on making these purchases. Nobody is planning on having no heat today or no air conditioning tomorrow. This is I need help, I’m staring at the problem. I need help right now. But, if you get a prospect to click your ad and they don’t convert then being there is only half the battle, you need a better way to get them to convert.



How We Did It:

Instead of just trying to convince someone to schedule air conditioner maintenance, we researched numerous competitors in their local market in order to create engaging, and compelling video content that would allow Pro Air to stand-out, demonstrate “value” for viewers and include a call-to-action to get viewers to call, or schedule service online.

Additionally, part of the video marketing campaign series was geared towards broadening their service offerings and blend the lower margin services with higher ones. For this, we produced videos that would educate viewers on additional services that complement the core of Pro Air’s HVAC business.

This included:

  • service maintenance agreements
  • energy audits
  • indoor air quality and air-duct cleaning
  • efficiency products, etc

In addition, we also produced a series of DYI and helpful basic maintenance tips that could easily be shared across social channels.

And lastly, because HVAC companies need to focus on different offerings according to the season, the videos often contained content based on the seasonal heating and cooling needs of customers and prospects such as: pre-season system tune-ups, special financing and rebate offers, and season specific products and services (radiant heating during winter, backup generators during summer, etc.)


The Results:

“We’ve experienced an increase in quality calls, quality customers, and add-on sales, which in turn has led to an increase in revenue which has helped our company grow.”

                                                                                           – Rick Velotti Sr.


Pro Air Inc.’s CEO Rick Velotti says: “We thought we had an idea of what we thought was going to get us to the next level from a marketing perspective, but we didn’t have the capacity to understand how to do it. We’re great at fixing people’s heating and air conditioning and plumbing problems but this is just not what we do. We knew what we needed to attract more qualified customers, increase conversion rates and generate add-on sales. Original Video Production Company’s video marketing campaigns proved very successful, and helped us achieve all of these goals and more. We’ve experience an increase in quality calls, customers and add-on sales. They are truly an important part of our growth plan.


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