Is Your Voip’s Generic Hold Music Annoying Your Callers?

Is Your Voip’s Generic Hold Music Annoying Your Callers?

Even though VoIP technology has been around for a while, businesses are now keener to switch their outdated and cumbersome phone systems for a robust, feature rich voice over ip solution. So, what’s all the fuss about VoIP? Well, traditional landline costs have been known to burn a hole in your pocket, and by switching from traditional phone lines to a VoIP provider, the first thing that you’ll notice is a massive drop in your telephony costs. You’ll also enjoy an arsenal of added features allowing your business to be more productive, efficient and mobile, without any large capital expenditure. This all sounds great right? Well, maybe not so much when it comes to the sound part!

When your company rolls-out its voip system , you soon realize that your voip provider includes some preloaded music on hold recordings. However, since these voip providers aren’t in the music on hold production or audio marketing business, you quickly discover that your hold music sounds like funeral parlor music. And, to rub salt in the wound, the music on hold files aren’t very long, thus causing caller frustration from hearing the same 1 minute on-hold audio clip over and over again!

If the idea of switching to voip system is to reduce cost, as well as to improve efficiency and productivity, then why let the hold music you play to waiting callers have an adverse affect? Is the pre-loaded music on hold really the proper representation of your brand? If callers are frustrated and hang-up, that results in a loss of potential revenues, thus defeating the purpose of why you considered making the switch!

Most all of these voip systems allow you the option to upload your own custom audio files for your telephone on hold music.But,if you think opting for a do-it-yourself music on hold is the right approach – think again! It’s not a simple as purchasing some music and uploading the file. Due to system platforms, voip music on hold audio files are required to be in a specific format (eg. ulaw, pcm, vox, ogg, etc) in order for it to work.

There is however a bit of a silver lining! When you source the expertise of a professional music on hold production company, you can take your hold music from drab to fab with custom branded on hold music and messaging. This means that you can totally customize your hold music to enhance the caller experience. Even better, you can target marketing messages based on the known needs of your specific audience.

Imagine the endless marketing possibilities you’re presented with every day? Your custom branded voip music on hold programming can educate callers about products and services, promote sales items or special offers, upsell companion products/services and more. In addition to the numerous benefits of marketing on hold, it’s also the only solution proven to keep callers waiting on the line for up to three minutes longer than silence or canned music, giving you the opportunity to serve them before caller abandonment (hang-ups) occur.

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