Insurance Agency Video Marketing Services

Insurance Agent Video Marketing Case Study

Insurance Agent Video Marketing Case Study

Insurance Agency Video Marketing Services



N&W Insurance and Financial Services is a full-service, locally owned and operated independent agency that has been helping all of California since 1950 with a variety of insurance products to individuals, families and small businesses throughout the country.



Independent agents are facing numerous challenges these days. First and foremost, the market is shrinking, especially for those in the health and life insurance field.  In order to offset this challenge, the company expanded their product offerings, but had not been able to find the right marketing program  that could meet their revenue expectations and ROI goals.



We created and produced a video marketing strategy to effectively allow N & W (and their subsidiaries) to help reach new customers, raise awareness about their additional  insurance & financial product offerings, and promote their strengths of being an independent agency which allows them the ability to search out the best coverage and price for all types of insurance. Unlike the bigger “box” companies, whether it is auto, home, life, health or business coverage, N & W aren’t limited to offering only a few options as with national agencies, thus the consumer gets the best option available to keep them protected from the unexpected pitfalls that life may offer.



An all out video marketing blitz! In less than a minute, a custom business video can give a quick overview of your insurance services. It also helps consumers to get a feel for your agency, helping you to connect with people. Videos were posted on youtube, social media, website and landing pages.  There’s lots of statistics about the benefits of video as a part of your marketing strategy, and one stat in particular that stands out is videos posted on your website  greatly increase your response rate. One study shows that using video on web pages can increase conversion by more than 80%. (
















Over a period of six months, the strategy yielded the following results:

  • 63% increase in overall traffic (4,701 v 2,551)
  • 153% increase in leads through website
  • 129% increase in social media traffic
  • 113% increase in duration of average session from social media (3:26 v 1:36)


N & W ‘S Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda Nevin says:

“The production quality of the videos are absolutely outstanding! We have been both astonished, and thrilled with the tremendous results we have achieved with our video marketing campaign. This was the best marketing investment we’ve made to achieve our goals.”



Video has become one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools on the internet. It is a tool that independent insurance agents should be using. If you are curious about how insurance video marketing strategies can be used to grow your agency then contact Original On Hold for a free initial Discovery Session. 


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