Veterinary On Hold Messages Increases Profits At Your Clinic

Veterinary On Hold Messages Increases Profits At Your Clinic

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Because veterinary medicine is a service-oriented profession, veterinarians today must be marketers as well as practitioners. But, are you burned out on trying to bring in new customers for your veterinary practice? Are you sick of spending time and money on marketing, and not seeing enough of a return?

There are a lot of promotional gimmicks out there, but marketing your veterinary clinic doesn’t have to be a complex proposition! The great news is that, if you think you’ve tried it all, there’s an efficient, cost-effective, and highly-targeted marketing tool that allows for daily opportunities to interact with your customers and potential customers that’s truly the cat’s meow.  So what is it you ask? Veterinary on hold messages!

When choosing a veterinarian, pet owners go through a process of gathering information, whether searching online, or asking friends for recommendations. However, after the information gathering process has been completed, the first line of action is to then call your office. According to a Dialogtech Benchmarking Analysis, small businesses, such as veterinary hospitals, have the longest hold times at around 1 minute and 47 seconds.

Hold-time is an opportunity to educate callers about available services, products and preventive care, as well as certifications  of the veterinarians themselves, and create clear, compelling and irresistible reasons to do business with you, rather than competitors.

Here are some ideas of what you can convey with Veterinary On Hold Marketing:

1. Emphasize that you are a caring, knowledgeable facility where customers can
bring their pets with confidence.

2. Depending on the season, provide your clients with timely advice, recommended treatments, available medications and more.

3. Remind pet owners to stay up-to-date on vaccinations and dental checkups.

4. Advise callers on fleas and tick treatments, vaccinations and more.

5. Emphasize your medical services, diagnostic services, surgery, dental care, on-site pharmacy, and more!

6. Educate callers about your boarding, grooming, and lesser-known services.

7. Ask for happy patients to refer friends, family, co-workers, etc.

8. Promote social channels, website or convenient Pet Portal service if you offer it.

Veterinary on hold marketing isn’t just for prospective clients either. In fact, according to Stanford Research Institute – The average client in your practice can’t name 3 services you offer other than what their pet has been in for. For clients to refer effectively they must be made aware of all the services you offer (laser, boarding, micro-chipping, etc.)

Studies show the more clients know and understand about your veterinary clinic, products and available services, the more they’ll spend to provide care for their pets. Professionally produced messages on hold will engage and entertain your clients while they wait to speak with someone at your clinic.

Implementing on hold marketing at your vet clinic can be done quickly and immediately, and with these ideas and strategies incorporated into your on-hold recording, you can easily take your practice to the next level and begin adding profits to your practice and bottom line!

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