Veterinary On Hold Messages Help to Boost Profits

Veterinary On Hold Messages Help to Boost Profits

Veterinary On Hold Messages for Better Caller Experiences


Congratulations! You’ve finally decided that it’s time to stop losing callers on-hold to dead silence, and instead implement professional on hold messages for your veterinary practice to reduce caller abandonment (callers who hang-up before giving you a chance to serve them), and enhance the overall customer experience by improving the caller experience.

However, even the most experienced veterinarians are often stumped when tasked with creating a on hold marketing script, and seemingly find it difficult in getting started. You’ll likely be tempted to include a laundry list of service you offer,  or every qualification, certification, and degree your doctors have. And while it’s true that some of that information IS important for callers, they’re more likely to tune out if they’re listening to a long list of information.

Here are 5 on hold messaging ideas – with examples – straight from our creative copywriting team!

1. Provide seasonal safety tips.

Offer seasonal safety tips. Pets require different care according to the different seasons, and one of the ways in which you can turn “hold-time” into productive time is to share seasonal tips and safety reminders that can help your callers take care of their furry little friends.


The brisk fall weather is here, and Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital would like you to be aware of seasonal fall threats for their beloved furry family members so you’re sure to have a fantastic fall and a great holiday season. While it is still a great time to get outside and enjoy a walk with your pet or spend some quality time outdoors, walking in the woods with your dog to admire fall leaves has lurking toxins!!! Yes, those wild mushrooms are not to be eaten. Plus the colder weather can also make arthritis start flaring up in your mature or senior pet.  We hope you and your pet have a healthy and happy fall season………….


2. Recommend preventative medications.

Most pet owners are probably aware of heartworms and fleas, but may not understand the health problems that come along with an infection. You probably recommend preventive medication whenever pet owners bring their furry friends in for a visit, so using your on hold messages to promote that same medication can drive home the message to pet owners.


Just because fall is here doesn’t mean that ticks aren’t still lurking. In fact, according to the University of Rhode Island, many species of ticks are active even into the winter and can survive the first frost. Don’t let ticks cozy up. Eliminate their favorite environments, such as leaf and garden litter, where ticks can sometimes survive even into winter…. Check for ticks frequently. Continue using flea and tick preventatives on your pet like Nexgard and Frontline Gold.  And, be sure ask your veterinarian about regular screening for tick-borne infections. Here wishing you and your pet a fabulous fall from your friends at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital……………


3. Promote non-medical services.

In most cases, whether you want to believe it or not, patients are not familiar with all of the service your veterinary practice offers, especially your range of non-medical services. It’s best to have some of your messages focused on increase awareness of these services. If your busy boarding season is coming up, remind callers to book their pet’s reservations early and let them know what your boarding facilities are like. Share information about your bathing, nail clipping, and grooming packages too!


If you’re planning a vacation this season, don’t forget to make accommodations for your pet! We would be happy to care for your cat or dog while you’re away. At our facility, we can provide a home away from home, in our comfortable and safe environment. While your pet is here, we’re also happy to take care of any vaccines, blood tests, or medications your pet might need. We can also apply flea and tick products, and we also provide professional grooming services. So if you’ve made travel reservations this season, remember to make reservations for your pet too!


4. Encourage referrals and reviews.

Sure if people love your office, it’s likely that they’ll tell their friends and coworkers. But it never hurts to ask for referrals too! And, with the importance of online reviews your hold messages is also a great way to encourage positive reviews from happy customers.


At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we would like you to know that your personal referrals are the highest compliment you can pay to our entire staff. We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence you have in us when referring family, friends or co-workers. And, if you’ve had a great experience at our practice, you can help other loving pet owners by sharing your experience with our practice on Yelp or facebook with a 5-star review. Thanks for trusting Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital with your pet’s healthcare, we’ll be right back to your call.


5. Reinforce the importance of annual exams.

If you see some of your patients only when they are ill or injured, their owners may not understand why regular exams are important. You know the benefits, so share your knowledge with your callers on hold and encourage them to schedule that annual exam.


Whether you’re playing outside or snuggling up to watch a favorite film, a pet is a great source of companionship. Make sure you enjoy many years of fun and friendship with your cat or dog, and schedule an annual exam today. An annual exam is as important for pets as it is humans. It can detect early signs of any diseases or disorders. You can also update your pet’s vaccinations in the same visit. Schedule your pets annual exam when we return to the line.


Final thoughts…

These are just a few suggestions that can help get you on the way to writing some great on hold messaging for your veterinary practice. However, if you’re like most veterinarians you’re busy treating pets, performing surgeries, conducting research, and maintaining on-going education, etc. This leaves little time to focus on their marketing efforts, but it’s a critical component to help pet owners make informed decisions about choosing YOU and your practice. For this reason, you are better served to seek out a value added on hold messaging service provider.

Need help getting started? Are you on the fence about the benefits of on hold marketing messages? We have lots of experience with creating fun, unique, entertaining and informative on hold productions for veterinary practices and animal hospitals of all sizes! Contact us at 1-800-688-4181 or start your 100% risk-free custom on hold demo today!


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