Using Your Telephone to Tell Callers that You're Open and Safe

Using Your Telephone to Tell Callers that You’re Open & Safe

Using Your Telephone to Tell Callers that You’re Open & Safe

Using Your Telephone to Tell Callers that You're Open and Safe


If your business has been closed due to the COVID-19 global Pandemic, the good news is that in many areas of the country businesses are preparing to reopen.  As you go through your marketing checklist for re-opening such as posting of signs that customers must wear face masks, reminders of washing of hands, social distancing markers, etc.

Have you thought about the changes you need to make to your auto attendant recordings, on-hold messaging and voicemail greetings? Or, how you can use your telephone as a tool to tell callers that “you’re open and safe!”

It may not be top of mind, but the business landscape has changed, and here’s why you must quickly get prepared.


Virus Feverishly Burning Up Phone Lines.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic,  there was a massive shift of of customers doing business from in-person, to over the phone. This resulted in a massive influx of inbound call volume to businesses, which also resulted in longer wait times, and increased caller abandonment rates. The sad truth is most businesses, especially smaller organizations are often ill-prepared to react to a significant and sudden increase in call volumes. This shift from in-person to over the phone is predicted to continue for quite some time.

If you previously overlooked your phone system as a customer experience and marketing tool, failing to do so in post pandemic times maybe fatal for your business. Long before COVID-19 many businesses overlooked their telephone system both in terms of the caller experience, and how it can properly be used as one of your most effective marketing tools.

Believe it or not, even in the modern technology era, the good old-fashioned telephone is still king. In fact, according to a Study, from CX Act Inc. the number one preferred method for consumers to contact a business. So, post pandemic you had best be prepared for increased call volumes, and provide for an unparalleled caller experience.


Update Your Auto Attendant Recordings!

Even as businesses reopen, no one is opening at full capacity, and the harsh reality is some departments will remain closed (or perhaps even eliminated), and an even harsher reality is some staff members aren’t returning either. Most businesses are experiencing changes in hours, personnel, etc.

Now more than ever it’s imperative to give callers accurate information quickly. Your phone systems auto attendant  is often times going to be the initial or perhaps only interaction customers will have with your company. There’s no sense in frustrating  callers with information that is inaccurate such as directing callers to departments currently closed, or not updating dial by name directories if certain staff members will no longer be there.

Thus, you should review and update your auto attendant recordings as a part of your preparation for reopening.


Update On Hold Messages to Tell Callers You’re Open and Safe.

If you already use on hold messages in your business, then you know it’s a highly effective communication tool. With an average of over 70% of calls placed on hold, your on hold messaging is one of the best ways to inform callers that you’re open and safe.

During and post COVID-19 Pandemic, things in no way are business as usual. Many changes in numerous industries have taken place. Restaurants have installed plexiglass partitions separating patrons, other business offer contactless curbside pick-up and delivery options, auto dealers are offering on-line shopping with delivery right to your front door, and many other changes have taken place post-pandemic breakout.

Today consumers are concerned whether or not your business is safe. Your on hold message are a chance for you to communicate the important changes you’ve made to assure customer safety, while increasing customer loyalty which is going to make a huge difference on whether or not businesses can survive after the COVID-19 crisis.


Final Thoughts…

COVID-19 is requiring that brands move at unprecedented speed to serve their customers with quality and safety. The emotional state of consumers and businesses adds to the challenge. But the combination of fear, uncertainty and frustration presents brands with both new risks and opportunities. Providing compassionate customer service will likely generate an outsized increase in positive brand perception and customer loyalty post-crisis. Conversely, inaccessible, ineffective or uncaring responses are likely to drive an equally pronounced negative reaction.

Regardless of how long the crisis actually lasts, COVID-19 will forever change the consumer landscape. After this comes to pass, companies can’t go back to their old playbooks. Personas, messaging and even your product strategy are likely going to significantly change.

If you ready to update your brand’s audio marketing, or perhaps you need to get started, Contact Original On Hold and we’ll make it quick and easy.

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