Using Scent Marketing So Your Veterinary Clinic Won’t Smell Foul

Using Scent Marketing So Your Veterinary Clinic Won’t Smell Foul

Use Scent Marketing So Your Veterinary Clinic Doesn't Smell Foul


When your clients walk into your veterinary clinic waiting room, one of the first things they notice is how it smells. Remember that old saying; “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”?  So, what does the smell of your clinic’s waiting room say about your brand’s first impression?

Are clients greeted with the fresh, welcoming and calming aroma of vanilla, or are they hit square in the face (or nose) with musty dog hair, essence of feline spray and other malodors? Bad smells are simply bad for business. Why? Even if you keep the floors, walls, and countertops sparking clean, pet owners equate clinic malodor with a host of negatives.

These negative include; uncleanliness, germs, infectious disease, carelessness, laziness  and a host of other negatives. As a result, pet owners are much less likely to return again-and-again – let alone refer others. Your clinic’s survival – the very existence and value of your practice – depends on client retention.

Below, we’ll take a look at how implementing a scent marketing strategy a will convey quality and value, and why you need to ditch those antiquated odor elimination techniques.


Create Heightened Value Perception.

Although this is a very important aspect of scent marketing and its affect on a company’s bottom line, according to B2B International, only 54% of businesses have initiated a branding strategy that can evaluate brand perceptions. This concept refers to how consumers are exposed to, attend to, and comprehend stimuli in the environment.

There is no doubt that the proper ambient scent contributes to the building of a favorable perception of a clinic qn helps clients develop a certain ”feel” for their surroundings. Scenting has the power to alter personal perception, even before the consumer is aware of a particular scent.


Improve Customer Experiences.

First impressions are vital to the success of any business model, and maintaining a healthy, clean smelling facility is the first and foremost consideration when discerning pet owners decide where to bring one of the most important members of their family for care when needed.

As stated above, the very first impression a consumer has of your clinic is what they smell when they enter your waiting room. For this reason, scent marketing must be an integral part of your brand’s strategy instead of an after thought.


Ditch Those Scent Solutions that Don’t Work.

Why do you need to ditch antiquated odor elimination techniques? Because, air fresheners aren’t actually freshening anything at all. Air fresheners work by spraying a whole bunch of chemicals that simply mask the smelly air while creating a toxic cocktail.

Probably the most formidable task and most appreciated benefit of scent marketing is its ability to eliminate bad odors. With the use of not just fragrances, but state-of-the-art scent diffusion technologies provides for a solution that can neutralize and eliminate persistent pet odors, and does so much more than just cover up the bad smell. Scenting can completely destroy it, keeping your clinic pleasant smelling.


Final Thoughts…

​Your customers’ sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your business, but depending on what scent is wafting through your waiting room, it can work for or against you. A veterinary clinic can come in contact with every unpleasant smell imaginable, and client’s sense of smell are especially sensitive.

Business is hard enough; you can’t afford odor problems on top of everything else. Scent marketing creates that purr-fect first impression for your customers and their pets, and will make them feel comforted and welcome, ensuring they come back for a great experience time and time again.

 Smart companies know smell is important, and they actively manage it. If you’re ready to start managing the smell of your brand with scent marketing then contact us to discover more.


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