Using In-Store Overhead Messaging to Engage Customers

Using In-Store Overhead Messaging to Engage Customers

Using In Store Overhead Messaing to Engage Customers


When customers are in your store, you are in control of their experience and environment. You present what they observe, sense, and see. You’ve probably put a lot of energy (and money) into creating an engaging, comfortable and unique in-store experience while customers browse your products, but there may be an important element you’ve forgotten about.

Have you considered what customers “hear” during their visit to your store? If you aren’t using in-store overhead music and messaging to keep shoppers informed about all the promotional offers, events, specials, and brand details to help them make decisions, then you’re missing out on highly-targeted opportunities to keep shoppers engaged and motivated.

Below are some important details about what you need to know to get started with overhead messaging.


How to Properly Use In-Store Overhead Messaging

While your customers are browsing through your store, you want them to enjoy the experience, however you do not want to overwhelm shoppers with too much information.

The best overhead messages are tactfully interspersed with a stream of music. The overhead music playlist is broadcast through the store with a message delivered every few songs. This creates the best experience for shoppers as they are not overexposed to the marketing messages.

So as you create a plan for using overhead messaging in your business, location, or facility, plan a full overhead strategy that includes both announcements and music.

For tips on how to create a playlist for your overhead music, check out:


What Types of Messaging Should Be Used?

Depending on your type of business and its promotions, you should can craft your messages to include some of the topics below to best target your customers and achieve your goals.


Create interest in products and services. The people in your store are already interested in your brand, products, or services because they have already made the decision to enter your retail store. Capitalize on their level of engagement by sharing information about products and services available in your store.

Promote new products.
When a new release hits your shelves, let your customers know. Share announcements when you get a new product line or inventory of items that are new to the store.


Highlight promotions. As your specials and promotions change, announce them throughout your location. Let customers know where they can find deals and how long they have to snag the savings.


Promote customer reward systems. Speak to the repeat customers in your store by sharing messages about your customer loyalty programs. Announce information about how they can sign up to receive coupons, discounts, and rewards points and promotions.


Share event announcements. Let your guests know about your calendar of happenings by announcing upcoming sales and special events. Give dates and details to encourage shoppers to attend.


Directional messaging. If you have a large showroom or facility, guide visitors to areas they may have trouble finding or don’t know about. Use your messaging to introduce specific departments or areas, how to find them, and why they should be a destination point.

Remind visitors of store hours.
Give customers the information they need while in your store. Share store hours and offer an alert when you are getting ready to close. Also, provide information about other store locations and their hours.

Ask for customer feedback. Request your customers to get involved in another way by asking them to share their feedback. Direct them to resources, such as online surveys or in-person kiosks, where they can provide details about their experience with your brand or location.

Drive traffic to online resources
. Guide customers to connect with your brand or business online. Share the URL of your website and let people know where they can find you on social media platforms. Offer an incentive for following you or visiting your website to encourage customers to connect with you.


Final Thoughts…

You need to ensure that your store is delivering the best customer touchpoints and service possible, and in-store messaging is one of your most powerful tools as a business owner to help customers enjoy the shopping experience by keeping them informed and engaged, while creating the perfect atmosphere and experience in your store.

Now that you have some ideas for what you can share through overhead messaging, are you ready to get started?

If you want to learn more about how Overhead Messaging can help your business, get in touch with Original On Hold for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our in-store customer experience specialists who will explain how we can help you create custom messages that drive consumer action while weaving in a music playlist that your visitors will love.



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