Upselling Techniques For Your On hold Script Copy

Upselling Techniques For Your On hold Script Copy

Savvy companies know that on-hold time can be a goldmine in making connections with customers and prospective customers. Almost every business today would love to take advantage of upselling as it’s a great way to increase sales. Imagine how much profit you could gain from an initial sale by offering your customers a little something extra.

Now if you’re not sure how this works, we at the Original On Hold, Inc. can walk you through it. Upselling is an easy-peasy task especially when you know which strings you need to pull from customers. In fact, when done correctly, it requires little to no effort at all. An upsell takes place when a particular caller places an order and avails of the promo you’ve presented them while they we’re waiting on hold

Here’s an example of a real-life  upsell strategy designed for one of our clients:

A print shop wanted to gain more sales on selling custom imprinted ad specialty items (travel bags, backpacks, mugs, etc.) to prospects and customers as the profit margins were much greater than when doing a small print job. While this print shop offers an array of services, their most request item was for business cards. With the thought process that most prospects and customers were calling to place an order for business cards, the goal was to sell higher margin items. So, we crafted this client’s  message on hold script to promote a limited time offer of 5000 FREE business cards with the purchase of any apparel or custom ad specialty item order placed before ____________ (fill in your expiration date).

Now you might be thinking what makes this such a great idea for upselling? Here’s what makes this such a great idea! Firstly, the #1 item this client receives a request for is a low profit ticket item for business cards. I mean, how many business cards does one usually order, or even worse, how often do you really re-order business cards? …Once a year? …Once every 18 months? Maybe longer? …That’s an awful long time in between repeat orders from an existing client. So, here’s why this is such a great marketing campaign. Instead of just selling the business cards this owner now received orders for higher ticket items accomplishing the short term upselling goal. Are you paying attention here folks? …. Sure, this client accomplished their short term goal, but let’s face it most companies who order these specialty items use them for give-a-ways, and often times at tradeshows or other events. This means they will more than likely blow through the product, and to re-order them a heck of a lot quicker than they would their business cards! Viola! Our client is now getting re-orders for higher profit margin products that they might not otherwise have gotten in the first place. That satisfied the long-term goal of increased sales. And oh ya, they still get the order on the lower margin business cards too!

How’s that for an easy upsell strategy? Anything you can do to offer the customers a particular product or service they want or need after they’ve bought some products from you could take some time for you to develop, but once you’ve created this irresistible offer, you’ll see how this perfectly works with your brand and your profit. Think about this as you contemplate on this particular offer: Customers want to save money whenever they purchase. You, on the other hand, want to make money. So, why not make your music on hold script work harder? Focus on caller hot buttons, and think about the potential for upselling and add-on sales to consider . What type of service can you offer the customers to make this a win-win situation?

In the end, upselling provides you an opportunity to promote your other products and services. It also helps you learn the customers’ shopping and purchasing attitude, which is vital to make sure that you can continuously provide them with superb services.

How do you use upselling to your brand’s advantage?

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