Update Your On hold Marketing Message at The Speed of Sound!

Update Your On hold Marketing Message at The Speed of Sound!

The process for beginning with on hold marketing is a fairly simple one.  Your perform due diligence, select an hold provider, they send you message on hold equipment to connect to your phones, and usually through some type of interview fact gathering process, you provide them with an outline of your company, products, services, etc. That company then in turn creates rough draft ad copy, you review and approve it, pick a voice and music preference, and viola – you’re done!

On hold marketing encompasses all marketing techniques, sales opportunities, and customer service initiatives. On hold messages and music on hold allow your customers to have a worthwhile on hold experience. Besides, what’s the point of spending thousands of dollars to keep the phone ringing if the caller’s experience on hold is a big turn-off, right?

What happens when you’re message becomes stale, out-date or boring? On hold marketing shouldn’t be considered a “one-shot” deal. A great message that has out-lived its relevance, is no longer a great message! The key to any successful marketing campaign is fresh, relevant and timely information.

So what happens with your current on-hold provider when you want to keep your on hold messaging updated and fresh?

One of the biggest complaints we hear when prospective clients switch to us from a competitor, is that with their former provider, updating message content was hassle, and often times a long, drawn out process. A lot of emails, faxing, phone calls back and forth, voicemails, etc. If this sounds like how you currently approach your on hold message marketing, then we at The Original On hold Inc.,  welcome you to a fresh approach  that we think you’ll agree  — “Sounds” great!

Message Xpress is our exclusive on-line system allows you to edit existing scripts, submit new script copy, pick new voice and background music for a new message recording and more! And, you can do all of this any time 24 hours a day, from anywhere, as long as you can access the internet. Whether it be from your office desk, hotel room or even while relaxing at the beach. But wait, it gets even better.  Our exclusive Message Xpress system, also keeps a complete archive of any script ever written, just in case you want to access a trusted script, and all audio files in case you need to access one quickly.

It takes good planning to be able to come-up with a good marketing strategy; every detail needs to be sorted out like copy, production, distribution, etc.  With our revolutionary Message Xpress on hold update system, your marketing potential truly remains untapped.

We make the process easy to coordinate a complete on hold marketing strategy with your calendar of advertising campaigns,  thus reinforcing a consistent marketing message across all channels. Drafting a marketing plan is an important step in making sure that everything flows smoothly, but you also need to an on-hold provider that has a solution in place to make sure that it’s delivering the benefit and quality of service that both you and your customers deserve.


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