Do Your TV Commercial Spots Sacrifice Quality for Cost?

Do Your TV Commercial Spots Sacrifice Quality for Cost?

Do Your TV Commercial Spopts Sacrifice Quality for Cost?


Many business owners often sacrifice creativity, quality or perhaps even both when it comes to their  tv commercial spot production. You might think that hiring the cable station to produce a low-budget commercial is the answer since you are only advertising on local cable stations. Wrong!

In order to produce an effective tv commercial, not only does it have to memorable, but it has to be able to interrupt and grab the attention of the viewer. Without these two important elements, you have little chance for success.

This is not a knock on cable providers, but they don’t necessarily staff creative teams and producers with the creative knowledge and know-how. Let’s face it, they’re not in the TV commercial production business – their primary job is selling you ad space, not making effective commercials. The goal is to give you a TV commercial at a cheap cost, but just a like a cheap business suit, a cheap TV commercial makes you look unsuccessful and most people will just ignore it.

A poor commercial is perhaps worse than none at all. If you never run a commercial, there’s always the chance people will check you out through word of mouth or when walking by your store or office. If you barrage them with cheesy, low-budget commercials, they may avoid doing business with you entirely, never even giving your business or organization a chance.




Here are some strong considerations on why you should hire a professional TV commercial production company.


1. Simplicity

We’ve all been there. You know, the headache and frustration of trying to build, assemble, or install a supposedly-simple product all by yourself? Despite the elaborate instructions provided, the process turns into a hair-pulling ordeal. But bring that same product to the factory that stuffed those pieces into the package, and voila – instant assembly! It looked so easy when they did it. Why? Because they know the product inside and out! The same holds true for any TV commercial production company – only more so because there are many more factors and complications involved. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a professional who has the skill-sets needed for smooth, efficient TV spot creation is critical.


2. Quality

As with your brand, quality counts huge when creating a video. A professional video production company has all the tools, resources, equipment, sound stages, know-how, and experience to guide your infomercial, or TV commercial spot from a smooth start to a smooth, high-quality finish. Think about it like this. It’s an investment in the future of your brand – an investment that often generates considerable dividends in the form of a solid ROI.


3. Creative Results & Cost Effective

By providing the twin advantages and benefits of simplicity and quality, hiring a professional commercial production company ultimately leads to a third and most crucial benefit – creative results and cost efficiency.  As noted above, two critical elements to a successful TV commercial are being memorable and attention grabbing, something you’re not likely to get with the local cable company or amateur who doesn’t understand the target audience, the message or how to effectively deliver that message to achieve the desired result you’re looking for.


So, if you’re thinking about skimping on quality for cost, then think about this. A low-budget or poor quality TV commercial can put you at high risk of wasting time and money. Also, as noted above, producing a mediocre or poor-quality commercial can actually tarnish your brand image and drives consumers away. So, when you’re thinking about cost, think about a demolished image and how expensive it would be to recover.


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