Top 5 Benefits Of Overhead Background Music at Businesses

Top 5 Benefits Of Overhead Background Music at Businesses

Top 5 Benefits Of Overhead Background Music at Businesses


Is there any point to the background music you hear at businesses?

  • 68% of pubs and bars believe that good music encourages repeat business
  • 73% think that it has a direct impact on sales
  • 93% believe that playing the correct music creates a better atmosphere for customers

When you look at these statistics, the message is loud and clear: Keep calm and let the music play!

Whether own or manage a business, you’re always looking for marketing tools and techniques to keep your business ahead of the rest – the benefits of background music are plentiful for retail, spas, salons, bars, pubs, restaurants and more.


1 – Lengthen customer stay

The longer customers stay, the more they’re likely to spend. What’s more, a buzzing venue gives off a good vibe, encouraging more people to enter.

  • Numerous studies have conclusively linked background music with length of customer stay
  • But, remember, you need to know your market and pick the music of the right genre, tempo and volume

Time to sort that playlist…


2 – Boost customer spend

And it doesn’t stop at length of stay. Playing the right in-store business music also gives you (or your customer) the power to boost spend.

  • Pubs playing music take on average 44% more than those that don’t (Source: CGA) and that would include machines
  • 82% of drinkers said they’d buy another if they were enjoying the music (Source:MusicWorks)


3 – Encourage repeat business

It’s not rocket science. Playing the right overhead background music builds a connection between customers and brand, enhancing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

  • Music evokes emotions, helping you build connections with your customers
  • So, even on an subconscious level, playing music that appeals to your customers is likely to encourage them to come back to you
  • And if you get the music right for a venue they are also more likely to stick with you as an Operator


4 – Enhance staff performance

And it isn’t all about customers. According to various studies, playing the right background music at your business also increases staff productivity, which means your customers will see the following benefits:

  • One in three workers is less likely to take time off sick if music they like is played at work
  • It also enhances productivity, alertness and team interaction


5 – Build your reputation

Ultimately, overhead background music is a tool that businesses can use to influence the way they’re perceived. Used right, it has the power to drive decisions, build your reputation and keep a venue on-side.

  • background music helps brands use create unique and engaging experiences.
  • Music is a strategic element that works to define your brand identity.


It’s about time your business reaps the benefits of background music.

Our music experts work one-on-one with clients to ensure that each hand-selected track fits your brand. Get in touch to learn more.



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