‘Tis the Season for More Holiday Sales With Video Marketing

‘Tis the Season for More Holiday Sales With Video Marketing

Holiday Marketing Videos for Businesses


‘Twas a few months before the holidays, and the marketers had concerns. Would their new video be a hit, or would it crash and burn? Had they picked the right message, was it going to sell? What’s the right time to send it? Oh how they wish they could they tell…

It’s that time of year! The pre-holiday selling season, and very soon to be holiday season is in full swing.  This means you hopefully have your video marketing strategy already in place. However, online ads and inboxes are going to be flooded offers that sound too good to be true. That’s why making a video for the holiday season isn’t a slam dunk. You need to be thoughtful in how you approach it, make sure it’s entertaining and engaging, think about what tone you take, how you reference the holidays themselves, and even where and when you send it out.

Below are 4 Quick Video Marketing Tips to Help Ensure Your Stockings Are Stuffed Full of Holiday Sales:  


#1 Use Video to Market Special Holiday Offers or Promote Seasonal Items

holiday video marketing tips

Video is a great way to market special holiday offers, or to explain your new (or old) products in perfect holiday fashion. Whether your product or message is seasonal, by using video you can clearly get across your limited time offer in an impactful way.



#2 Create Seasonal Landing Pages With Video

holiday video marketing tips

It’s a quick and festive way to grab the attention of those winter shoppers looking to use your products or services at the end of the year.



#3 Amp Up Your Social Media With Social Video Ads

holiday video marketing tips

Social channels will play a substantial role in holiday shopping this year, the key is to figure out how to create a social media campaign that works for you and your brand. Chances are high your audience will be on social media during the holidays. Whether you sell a product or service, video ads on social media can help you engage with holiday shoppers and generate more sales.



#4 Remember to Include a Strong Call-to-Action!

holiday video marketing tipsYou’ve produced a great video that is going to touch the hearts and minds of your audiences. Now don’t leave them hanging like a stocking by the chimney — encourage them to take a next step after they watch it!



“Tis the Season for Video!

Are you ready take advantage of the holiday season by creating and promoting a holiday video for your business? Give Original On Hold a call for a Free Discovery Session for all the details. Our team is ready to work like busy little elves creating holiday marketing videos for your business that are sure to grab the attention of customers and prospects.

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