Tips to Grow Your Veterinary Practice Using Video Marketing

Tips to Grow Your Veterinary Practice Using Video Marketing

How to Grow Your Veterinary Practice Using Video Marketing


Veterinary hospital marketing has changed. What may have been successful just 10 years ago is probably not going to attract today’s savvy pet owners. Even with a great veterinarian reputation, there is no guarantee that your veterinary practice will continue to grow and thrive.

It’s not just the Internet that’s to blame for the changes. There are more and more new practices springing up, more veterinary school graduates in the workforce and more veterinarians wanting to own practices. Big box stores, feed stores, human pharmacies and pet vaccine clinics are all taking their slice from the veterinary revenue pie.

Custom Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic marketing videos is an exciting new strategy, but one that is often overlook — which means missed opportunity! One of the best ways to get new veterinary clients and prospects is to create an online presence so that they feel compelled to engage with you. When pet parents see your videos, they are more bound to get in touch with you for their pets’ healthcare needs than another vet in the same neighborhood.



Check out these animal hospital and veterinary clinic video marketing tips:


Why Video Marketing?

Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic marketing videos should focus on gaining “trust” rather than your procedures or equipment. Go beyond just hospital tours, give pet parents a sense of what you’re all about and why they should choose your practice. When you’re able to connect with potential clients on an emotional level it translates into new customers.


Focus On the Benefits For Your Clients.

Forget about how beautiful your hospital is and how much money you spent on your x-ray machine and waiting room fixtures. Your clients want to know about your extended hours, house call visits, affordable rates, early morning drop offs, courteous staff and medical supervised boarding. Tailor your advertising to the average pet owner, not your ego.

Make sure the content is short and sweet as people do not have long attention spans. More importantly, keep the content  related to your veterinary patients and practice. Make sure it is relevant and eye-catching. In addition to brand building, you can also create short videos on pet health, training, and care.  Informational videos do well on social media, and are shared often, thus expanding your brand presence.


Where Should Your Video Appear?

Your marketing videos can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used on your website, in your waiting room, and on your social channels. In fact, video ads on social media works especially well with a lot of millenials who spend the vast majority of their time on social media, and statistics show that they’re no longer even searching on Google, but rather they are searching on social media for products and services.


Have a Strong Call-to-Action!

Your videos must have a CTA (call-to-action), directing the viewer to become a reader, subscribe, and/or buy your services. This is a critical step to your marketing success, but is so often neglected.

The following list should help you with some ideas:

1. Direct users to your website – Encourage viewers to take a look at your website, which can ultimately garner an appointment request in the future.

2. Capture an appointment request – This is a great way to directly solicit an appointment request. Let the viewer know to fill out an appointment request form on your website once they’ve completed watching the video. Once you’ve established a connection with your viewer and informed them of your services, they are ten times more likely to make an appointment with you over another veterinarian.

3. Grow Your Customer/Fan Base – You should consider including a CTA that will help to grow your customer/fan base. So be sure to let them know to  sign-up for your newsletter or blog, and encourage them to join or follow your social media channels such as facebook, twitter and instagram.


Hire a Pro or DIY?

If you’re like most veterinarians, you’re less than enthusiastic about starring in videos, and to be truthful, this is not necessarily the best way to market your business. You have the option of creating the video yourself or hiring a professional. It is best to go with a professional, who will work with you and your staff to create content that is entertaining for viewers.

A professional video marketing & production agency not only has all the necessary equipment to make your video look great, but they have the knowledge, skill and know-how of how to produce a video that is engaging and captivating, and more importantly, allows you to achieve your desired marketing goal of your video.


Final Thoughts…

Why should I choose you instead of another vet?  How do you solve my problem?  What special offers do you have that will motivate me to choose you? Most clinics don’t answer these question in any way, but video can accomplish this quickly! People are deciding on care for their beloved pet.  You need to tap into their love and communicate how you are the best choice.

If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve and outflanking the competition, now is the perfect time to explore the advantages of what a video marketing strategy has to offer. Contact Us for a “No Obligation” Discovery Session and learn how video can help grow your practice.


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