Tips for Crafting Results Driven On Hold Message Recordings

Tips for Crafting Results Driven On Hold Message Recordings

One of the keys to success is effective marketing. Marketing takes on different forms – from TV and radio ads, to website videos and print ads to on hold messages. While all these strategies are important and needed to be able to reach out to your costumers and prospective ones, telephone on hold messages are probably the most overlooked marketing strategy in the list. For some reason, business owners take telephones for granted. Aren’t you aware that phone time presents an ideal opportunity to talk to customers especially now that they made an effort to make a call?

So, how do you make sure that your marketing on hold messages are used to your company’s advantage? Here are must-read tips:

Be straight to the point

There’s a big difference between print copy and audio copy. And if you’re thinking that you can just create a professional on hold message using copy from your print ads, it isn’t that easy. The thing is, print copy is meant for the eye, where everything can be read and re-read while skipping the details that are not exactly important. However, an on hold messaging script is another story. Your callers don’t have the perks of self-editing; instead, they’re left to listen to your advertisements. That said, you need to make sure that the copy works for the ear; tell them the things you need to say and introduce them to the idea that they can talk to a customer representative if they have questions, or if they want to know more about the message they just heard.

Be familiar with the average on hold time

Did you know that the average attention span of people is mere minutes? This number drops even more when it comes to waiting on hold. So, you need to make sure that you are familiar with how long your callers could wait on the other line so that you can craft a message that’s fit for your callers’ on hold time. If your callers can hold out for a minute or longer, then make sure they listen to messages that are entertaining and relevant. Please do them a favor and don’t bombard them with one advertisement after another as there’s only so much a caller can absorb. What you need to do is to see to it that your long messages that are worth three to four minutes has proper spacing and musical breaks in between. However, if you only have short on hold time, you can put up short, single-idea paragraphs for your callers, just to keep them company during the wait.

 Be sure to update your on hold messages

Even on hold messages need updating, too! A great message that has outlived its relevance, is no longer a great message! Making your on hold messaging relevant and up-to-date prevents your brand from being bland and generic. In addition, it will also keep customers updated with your latest offers or latest news from your company especially if you have important announcements or any promotion of sorts. Since we at The Original On Hold, Inc. know the importance of updating messages on hold, we’ve created Message Xpress where you can edit/update your content, change background music, and choose the right voice for your message – all in one click! This makes it possible for you to make the necessary changes anytime, anywhere. You can learn more about it here:

These are only the basic tips that you need to follow. Surely, crafting top-notch on music on hold messages can present unique challenges, but if you want to make your customers feel important and make their wait worthwhile, you have to take on this challenge. Customers keep businesses alive. Surely, it won’t hurt to make them feel special every time they connect with you, right?

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