Things You Should Know When Connecting Your Music On hold & Message Player

Things You Should Know When Connecting Your Music On hold & Message Player

Connecting your message on hold equipment is as easy as plugging in an audio cable. Today, we’re going to provide you with valuable information and certain things that you must remember to make  sure that this little maneuver will become successful.

Don’t forget to note that this is only applicable to those who want to connect their professional music on hold player to an MOH input on a PBX or key style phone system. However, these tips doesn’t apply on office phones that are purchased at an electronics or an office supply store.

In a nut shell…

Audio plays continuously from your on hold player so callers can hear the music on hold message on progress, not from the start. The whole playlist will keep on playing up to the last song you have saved, then repeat it once the last song is finished playing. Technically, sound travels from audio output over the audio cable to the MOH input on your phone system.

8 OHMS vs. 600 OHMS

Now, don’t get a too confused with the 8 OHMS and 600 OHMS that are labeled at the back of you on hold player. These connections are called “audio out” and are designed for a specific purpose.

600 OHMS are used for telephone systems. The 8 OHMS output, on the other hand, is intended for a louder signal without harming your equipment. This output is ideal for sound amplification systems like public address systems that are frequently used in museums and amusement parks.

No Plugs?

In case you’re wondering why there are no plugs, this is probably because your telephone technician has connected the wires for music on hold directly into your telephone system. There is a device used for attaching wires to phone systems called “punch-down block” and your technician may need to attach the on hold playback device there with the use of proper tools.

Things to Remember

• Never force a 3.5 mm (mini-plug) into an RCA receptacle because once the inside is bent, the correct plug won’t be working if its connected.

• Turn the volume up a notch or more once you notice that the audio seems to get faint or fades in and out. This is due to some phone systems that has anti-noise filters that will try to turn offyour music on hold unless it reaches a certain volume level.

• Use your landline phone should you wish to test the waters because cellphone signals often distort or warp music on hold.

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