There’s NO Shame In Putting Callers On hold. With A Message On hold Your Business Can Go from Hold time to Sold Time — in No Time!

There’s NO Shame In Putting Callers On hold. With A Message On hold Your Business Can Go from Hold time to Sold Time — in No Time!

“We never put our callers on hold,” is such a lame and ridiculous excuse.  Not only does this line sound like a joke, it’s also quite impossible that your company can instantly take EVERY  customer’s call without there being at some point a few minutes gap. In fact, we at The Original On Hold, Inc. will stake our reputation just to prove that no matter if your company is a small business, home-based business or big company, at some point you’ll have to put callers on hold for a few seconds.

Don’t worry, there’s no room for pretense or judgment in this post. It’s okay to admit that you put your callers on hold because every intelligent company does; there should be no shame in that. What would be disappointing is proudly saying that you put your callers on hold, and they’re left with nothing but some cheesy message or worse, silence on hold.

You should know by now that putting your callers on hold is inevitable because you receive a huge bulk of calls every single day. Heck, even if you receive 10 calls a day, you’ll still have to place them on hold while entertaining another customer’s issue or query.

One of the reasons why companies put callers on hold is not just merely because they want to entertain customers. Aside from marketing, messages on hold play a vital role to a business by simply not allowing customers to hear papers shuffling or muffled swearing on your end while you’re searching for answers to your client’s questions.

Now that you know the reason how important on hold messages are for businesses, it’s time to ask you this: “What do your customers hear when they call you?” Do they listen to some professional, relevant messages that lets them learn more about your brand and your company as a whole, or some cheap, DIY recording that irritates and annoys customers rather than informing them about your precious products and services?

If you don’t have any idea, perhaps now is the best time to call your company. When you hear the latter, then you definitely have a bigger things to do instead of enjoyably reading our post. Let your boss know that you’re in deep trouble because you don’t have top-notch on hold message system that callers will appreciate and listen to.

No, scratch that. Tell him that you’ll lose your costumers and eventually your business if you don’t change your on hold message right this instant. How’s that for a little warning? Remember that customers will simply hang-up and look for someone else who cares about their needs and their money when they realize that you’re business doesn’t. Do you want that?

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