The Recipe for On Hold Message Success

The Recipe for On Hold Message Success

In the past, On hold messages weren’t yet On Hold Messages; they were On Hold Music, played repetitively until the caller gets bored to death. However, as time passed by, marketing strategies of companies become more competitive that even the 45-second break in phone calls is utilized for sales and advertising. This new approach benefits not just the company but also the caller for it turns the lame, and sometimes irritating moment of being placed on hold into a delightful experience.

On hold messages create a huge impact to callers. But, having an on hold message does not guarantee a company that it is already doing good in maximizing its on hold time.Some companies think that as long as the message sounds lively, then it’s going to be what the customers want; others give out plain details alone. They disregard the need for balance between entertainment and knowledge.

For an on hold message to succeed in keeping the callers hold on, its content must be creatively written. Here are some details that effective on hold messages should contain:

Special Offers

Promote your newest products and services in 10-15 seconds. Excite your clients and be the first to offer them the latest.

WH Information

Ever heard of WH questions? The one we learned back in grade school? They are actually relevant in on hold marketing. Answer the basic “what, when, and where questions” from clients and you’ll be surprised at how pleased they would be with the information you’ve provided.


Make your callers feel good by letting them know you did well! Let them hear positive reviews about you, and surely, clients will want to give your quality products and services a try.

At The Original On Hold Inc, we create persuasive audio marketing content! In fact, in order to give your callers the satisfaction they need allow an expert to bring your script to life. Content is not the only ingredient for a scrumptious on hold message because music and voice completes the recipe. Then, complement it with a tune that will keep playing on your caller’s head even after the phone call. I assure you, you’ll succeed in having a successful on hold message as an important part of your marketing strategy.

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