The #1 Complaint by All Fitness Center Members is SMELL!

The #1 Complaint by All Fitness Center Members is SMELL!

The #1 Complaint by All Fitness Center Members is SMELL!


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it’s no secret that fitness is often No. 1 on the list, and gym and fitness owners and marketers know this.  So, now you’re focused on getting fit, you’re ready to sign-up at your local gym or fitness center, and BOOM! As soon as you walk in, you’re smacked square in the face with a host of unsavory smells – primarily the raw, human smell of sweat and other unlovely odors. As a gym/fitness center owner you may not even be aware that these smells will likely cause your potential new members to go elsewhere!

Before we dive into how scent marketing can sever the connection between the stereotypical “sweaty sock” smell that people associate with working fitness centers, and how it can make your facility preferable to competitors that don’t use scent marketing, let’s first take a look at where those nasty smells come from.

Why Does Your Gym/Fitness Center Smell So Bad?

  • A survey of those who worked out in gyms revealed that: 16 percent don’t wash their workout clothes and 33 percent exercise without deodorant.
  • Research has also shown that “micrococci”, an odor-causing bacteria, seem to thrive in polyester fabrics favored by many athletes over cotton because it “breathes”.
  • And then there are those stinky shoes, a result of bacteria that populate in warm, moist, dark conditions found inside a gym shoe accompanied by a sweaty foot.

Gyms, fitness centers, as well as pilates and yoga (especially hot yoga) studios are literally full of exercising stink bombs. However, as strong as these reeking bacteria are, they are no match for ambient cold-fusion scent distribution systems, which neutralize unpleasant odors with ambient aromas that are pleasing, but not overpowering.


Scent Marketing Can Pump You Up By Giving Your Gym/Fitness Center a Competitive Edge

Gyms and fitness clubs compete on a variety of levels: price, amenities and environment to name a few. Many are finding that scent marketing gives them an edge over the competition. When customers shop for a gym, they often visit and compare facilities. A scented environment has a distinct advantage.

The brand benefits of using scent marketing in your gym are numerous. You’re appealing to an untapped sense, which enhances customer perception of your establishment. Using scent marketing in your fitness business creates a selling point that many competitors are lacking; it also gives you a subtle, yet tangible selling point to offer clients.

When done properly, scent marketing can enhance the image of your business in the eyes of your clients and set you apart as a clean, upscale, positive, welcoming place to work out – something everyone is looking for – whether they’re a fitness guru or a New Year’s resolution newbie.


Final Thoughts…

Scent marketing for gyms is literally giving them a breath of fresh air. By eliminating detracting smells, gym enthusiasts are able to focus better on their workouts. By fighting bacteria, viruses and fungus, gym and fitness club members enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment. Scent can help create a more welcoming environment to new visitors, meaning more membership sign ups and more sales.

Perhaps you’re still unsure? … Then try before you buy with our 30 day risk-free trial offer.  However, if you’re ready to start with scent marketing for your gym, fitness center, pilates or yoga studio?  Contact Scentsational Impressions, and we’ll consult with you to help your brand to develop an effective olfactory program.


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