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The Importance of Great On Hold Music

The Importance of Great On Hold Music

We have touched on how important engaging with your customers is during a custom on hold message. We know that it is the first point of contact for you, therefore it is your opportunity to make a lasting great first impression. However, did you ever stop to think of how important your on hold message might be to your callers?

On a recent episode of the This American Life podcast, a story aired about a gentleman who spent a great deal of time on hold for appointments. He admitted to often calling offices just to hear the hold music. He was the type of person who did not give up, he needed to know who wrote that hold music and how he could get his hands on a copy. He started on a journey that led him through endless IVR systems, receptionists and medical offices. What he found out was staggering. The song he loved so much was created specifically for use in the IVR system.

This is a great example of how important your on hold music and messages can be to your clients. They should be enjoyable and informative for all audiences. You should always keep your messaging short. If you are advertising a special or sale keep the message minimal, give the most important details first and provide an enjoyable music break.

By creating your custom on-hold music you will be sure to gain the attention and appreciation like the gentleman profiled in the recent podcast.

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