Tax and Accounting Messages On Hold For CPA Firms

Tax and Accounting Messages On Hold For CPA Firms

As with most professional services industries like lawyers and doctors, accounts are no different — they’re trained to crunch numbers, not think about marketing. Tax and Accountant on hold message is a low-cost, highly targeted way to grow your firm.

Sure, everyone certainly thinks about their accountant during tax season, but what are you doing the rest of the year for marketing your tax, accounting or CPA firm? Better yet, what are you doing to differentiate yourself from competing CPA firms? What vehicles do you have in place to retain existing clients, assuring that they don’t fly the coop?

Here’s some numbers you can crunch!

According to AT&T, more than 70% of business calls are placed on hold.

Telemarketing Magazine conducted surveys showing that 25% to 40% of callers make purchases based on information they heard while on hold

The North American Telecommunications Association reported callers listening to information while on hold will remain on the line for up to three minutes longer.

Ask yourself this. Are callers truly aware of your diverse range of accounting and financial services? I would have to believe the answer is no. And, because of this, without using tax and accounting on hold messages, your business is missing opportunities to further expand on your service offerings.

New and existing clients often don’t know the full extent of what accounting services your business could offer them. CPA, Tax and Accounting On hold messages communicate your business services in the best possible light, and help grow your firm by educating callers about your diver range or even lesser-known financial services.

Here are CPA, Tax and Accounting messages on hold ideas to help grow your brand:

•  Include information on what your firm accomplishes for its clientele.

•  Convey advantages your firm provides over tax preparation alternatives, such as software or do-it-yourself solutions.

• Educate callers on your complete range of offerings financial planning, asset protection, retirements planning, bookkeeping, consulting services and more.

•  Reinforce why clients have made the right choice in selecting, or continuing to choose your firm for their financial matters

• Provide some helpful “tips” that clients will find useful.

Certainly during tax preparation season, more callers will be on-hold as you get busier and busier. But hold time isn’t just for tax season! Focus on the benefits your clients or prospects will get, or the problems that will be solved, when they choose you, your firm and its additional services. Each caller represents a marketing opportunity, and an opportunity to garner more business when your CPA firm embraces tax and accounting messages on hold.

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