Summer Sales Slowdown? Try Updating Your On Hold Message

Summer Sales Slowdown? Try Updating Your On Hold Message

Avoid the Summer Sales Slowdown by Updating Your On Hold Messaging


As the summer months approach, many businesses experience a seasonal slowdown in sales. Customers may be on vacation, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply in a more relaxed mindset. However, this does not mean your business has to succumb to the summer sales slump. One often overlooked strategy to engage customers during this period is by updating your on-hold message. A creative and attention-grabbing on-hold message can not only keep callers entertained but also provide an opportunity to promote special offers, new products, or upcoming events.

Let’s explore why updating your on-hold message is a smart move during the summer season.

Promote Special Offers:

Summer is a great time to run promotions and discounts to incentivize customers. While callers wait on hold, utilize the on-hold messages  to inform them about ongoing sales, limited-time offers, or exclusive summer discounts. By leveraging this captive audience, you can drive sales and create a sense of urgency to take advantage of these promotions.

Feature Summer Success Stories:

Share success stories or testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefitted from your products or services during the summer. Highlight how your offerings enhanced their summer experiences or helped them overcome specific seasonal challenges. These stories serve as social proof, instilling confidence in potential buyers and motivating them to explore your offerings further. A compelling on-hold message can plant the seed of aspiration and drive customers to make a purchase.

Showcase New Products or Services:

If your business has recently launched new products or services, the on-hold message is an ideal platform to highlight them. Inform callers about the exciting additions to your lineup, explain their benefits, and generate curiosity. By generating interest while customers are waiting, you increase the chances of them exploring these offers once their call is answered.

Communicate Upcoming Events:

Summer is often filled with events, whether they are community gatherings, concerts, or seasonal celebrations. Use your on-hold message to inform callers about upcoming events your business is participating in or hosting. Include relevant details such as dates, locations, and any exclusive offers or discounts tied to these events. This not only keeps callers informed but also encourages them to participate in and engage with your business during the summer season.

Provide Relevant Tips and Information:

Consider sharing helpful tips or valuable information related to your industry through the on-hold message. For example, if you run a garden center, you could offer gardening tips for the summer or suggest ways to maintain a healthy lawn during the hot months. By providing useful information, you position your business as an expert in the field and show genuine care for your customers’ needs.


The summer season may bring about a sales slowdown, but updating your on-hold messaging can be a powerful tool to handle the situation. By captivating callers, promoting special offers, showcasing new products, communicating upcoming events, and providing relevant tips, you can transform simple wait time into a valuable opportunity for engagement and sales growth. Take advantage of this often-overlooked resource and make the most of your customer interactions, even during the summer months.

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