Summer On Hold Message Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Sales

Summer On Hold Message Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Sales

Summer On Hold Message Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Sales


Putting together a full-blown marketing strategy is a ton of work. But if you’re strapped for time (who isn’t when running a business?), there are some lightweight things you can do to jump start your efforts. One of the easiest places to start is with your on hold messages for seasonal campaigns. Changes in the weather (and holidays) give you a built-in hook to promote your business. They’re also a chance to explore new strategies.

Depending on the industry, some small businesses find that summer brings a seasonal lull in sales and general business activity. Others find that the warm weather causes business to heat up. Either way, you don’t want to sit on your hands while your competitors are finding ways to make the most of the summer.

Whether you’re looking to bring customers in over the next few months, or just finding ways to come back strong once the summer is over, there are plenty of things you can do right now to spread the word about your small business.


In the spirit of increased sales, below are a handful of tips and ideas to help you get ready for the summer season:


The Holiday Hook.

The summer plays host to some major holidays: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. These weekends also happen to be some of the most popular sales-holidays as well, which means you should be looking for ways to offer great deals to your customers.You can quickly and easily educate customers on any sale, promotion, or event you’re doing around these holidays.


Hold a Contest.

Between the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, baseball season and the legions of backyard athletes, everyone’s competitive spirit is high during the summer. Why not capitalize on this with a contest?

Brainstorm some ways you can hold a contest that ties into your business, and be sure to include the contest offering in your phone on hold messaging. Here is where you’ll want to do something that has a direct tie-in with whatever you do. For example, a restaurant can hold an eating contest where the winner gets a weekly free meal for the rest of the summer. A professional cleaning service can hold a “Worst Looking Room” contest – applicants can submit a picture of a space that needs cleaning on social media and the winner gets a free cleaning.

For added incentive, you could give everyone who participates a discount on their next visit to you. Regardless of what it is, make sure your contest is fun and humorous while providing a real incentive to join.


Avoid the Summer Slow Down and Promote What’s Moving Slowly.

If summer is traditionally your “lemon” season, make lemonade. It’s time to move merchandise (or services) by making an irresistible deal for a limited time, or packaging slow-movers with popular items.  Even if you don’t have the ability to offer some sort of fantastic deal, you can also create an on hold campaign targeted towards brand awareness so you stay top of mind with customers and prospects for when it is time for them to come back into your doors.

>Dental On Hold: Offer a promotion on services such as Invisalign braces or teeth whitening as summer is the season for weddings, class reunions and family reunions. Why not encourage parents to bring children in for checkups while they are not in school?

Veterinary Clinic On Hold: Summer safety tips are always a great topic, especially when it comes to pets. Veterinary clinics can use their on hold messaging to educate callers about keeping pets safe in the hot months summer months – never leave them in vehicles, keep them well hydrated. Remind callers to take precautions to keep pets away from gardening chemicals, etc.
Plastic Surgery Center On Hold: Summer is typically a slower time for plastic surgery procedures. Fear not. This is a perfect time to educate callers about your injectable treatment offerings or to consider surgical or non-surgical treatments for weddings, reunions and family gatherings.
Eye Care On Hold: Sure, you can promote any special offers on sunglasses, but think outside the box and encourage callers to come in, and bring their children, for “before” back to school eye exams.


Final Thoughts…

Spring quickly gave away to summer, which is just a few weeks away. And, with the change in season and great weather, comes great opportunities for marketing and branding your business. The “on hold messaging experts” at Original On Hold, have give you a few tried-and-true summer marketing tips you can use to market yourself this summer in your on hold messages.

Whatever your business, you can always find ways to market yourself during the summer months. Even if summer is hot for you (in a sales sort of way), ramp up revenue even more by filling in the gaps – run special promotions only for your slowest day of the week or time period during the day.

Got a unique summer on hold message marketing strategy you’ve tried? We’d love to hear about. Hit us up at our facebook page and let us know your story.



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