Stock Music Or Custom Jingle For Your Music On Hold Background?

Stock Music Or Custom Jingle For Your Music On Hold Background?


Sound. It a can stop people in their tracks faster than a red light, filmmakers use it to scare us when watching horror films, it can bring us back in time to a memorable place or moment.  Advertisers know this, and that’s why many well-known brands  create  a memorable  brand sound, and often times using custom jingles.  Here let’s try a simple exercise, and see if you can fill in the blanks. “Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that  ___   ___  ___. 

Know the answer?  Of course you do. Who doesn’t love a Kit Kat Bar?  This is also exactly why using custom music or jingles are crucial to an effective advertising and marketing campaign.  One of the most obvious reasons why custom music is so important:  If the jingle is well written, and catchy, many people will get it stuck in their heads.  Why is this such a good thing?   Every time someone hears the jingle, it can count as an “impression” toward a business. We all know where “a kid can be a kid,” what company will treat us like a “good neighbor,” and all the types of kids that like Oscar Meyer Wieners.

So, whenever we consult with a client we always see if they have a business jingle to use in their custom on hold production.  Sure, we have a  huge library of licensed music featuring all types of genres , however It’s our job to match  the music with your target audience, and if you currently  air your jingle on any radio or TV then we highly recommend using it for your on hold messaging to assure brand consistency and recall. Now not every business, especially a small business has a custom jingle, and that’s perfectly fine.

Maybe you and your callers are a lot alike, and you eat the same kind of food, talk the same way, and listen to the same radio stations. Or maybe you are very different, and you prefer Opera while they love the new Justin Timberlake album. Background music is important in setting the tone of your on-hold message, similar to how carpeting or paint sets the tone to the room. The key to choosing the right hold music is knowing your callers, and understanding what they want to hear. 

If you can’t decide exactly what music is right for you, consult with our production team, and they’ll provide suggestions from a wide variety of music on hold samples to help the client in selecting the right music on hold background. No matter what your target audience, professional, sophisticated, youthful, hip or anything in-between, we have the  medium your company needs to effectively connect with your prospects and customers.

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