Step By Step Guide to Custom On Hold Messages

Step By Step Guide to Custom On Hold Messages

 Step by Step Guide to Custom On Hold Messages


Before we get into “Step-By-Step Guide to Custom On Hold Messages” it’s important to understand the value of having custom on hold messages for your brand. Business has always been done over the phone, and callers have always been put on hold, but as online shopping has surpassed brick and mortar traffic, over-the-phone sales have reached all time highs. A recent study by Marchex shows that Americans spent more than $1 trillion in mobile “click-to-call” commerce, and there was over 93 billion consumer-to-business phone calls from smartphones and this number is expected to grow to a whopping 162 billion by 2019,

These are eye-popping numbers. What’s even more startling is that:

  • 70% of callers are placed on hold 
  • 62% of callers hang-up in less than 45 seconds
  • 34% of  callers who hang-up will never call back.

That’s a big piece of a trillion dollar pie! The good news is, you don’t have to let all these callers off the hook. Studies show that with creative, professional sounding on hold messages your business will retain customers holding on the line (in fact callers will wait up to 3 times longer than silence or music), but you can also generate revenue by marketing additional products and services.

Now that you understand the value of having an on hold messaging strategy, it’s time to for our: Step-By-Step Guide to Custom On Hold Messages.


What Do I Need to Get Started With Custom On Hold Messages?

In order to get started with custom on hold messages, you will need to determine your phones MOH (Messages On Hold) capability. If you’re using a traditional pbx business phone system, you’ll need an on hold media unit to play the audio. If you’re using an ipbx or hosted voip set-up then all you need to do is upload the audio file as no media device is required. And, if your a small/home office business using a traditional off-the-shelf 2-4 line telephone then you’ll need the media device and an on hold module adaptor in order to make your standard analog phones on hold message compatible.


What Should My Custom On Hold Messages Say?

When you begin to consider what callers on hold should hear while they wait, be sure to focus on your callers and their needs. Think about: Why are they calling? What would keep them interested and even inspired? Remember, on hold messages shouldn’t be a hard sell, but rather a soft sell or conversation with people who have reached out to you, and are in an excellent position to make buying decisions based on what they hear while on hold.

Each talking point should be unique.  Don’t be afraid to use upcoming events, short-term offers and date-specific content in your on hold message recordings. Remember, when information is current and relevant, callers will stay on the line longer, and be more interested in what is being said. Be sure to include a “call to action” in your custom on hold message scripts that will tell callers what they can do with the information they’ve just learned. For example, a medical office can provide tips for staying healthy, but adding the suggestion of going to a website, registering for a newsletter or asking further questions suggest an action the caller can take. Building a connection and relationship keeps clients more invested in your organization, and builds relationships. Want even more ideas? Check out these on hold messages script tips


How Much Do Custom On Hold Messages Cost?

Probably a lot less than you think! There are  variety of affordable on hold message plans & pricing, and typically a small monthly fee starting at around $59 can be all it takes to get a professional sound for your brand, enhance the caller on hold experience and drive revenues.

If you think about, the cost of “NOT HAVING” on hold messages is far greater than any investment you may make in custom on hold messages. Why? A lost call equals a lost sale and a lost customer. Two things no business owner wants to hear. And to make matters worse, you also have to consider the wasted advertising spend you invested in order to generate that call. It’s estimated that caller abandonment (caller hangups) cost businesses billions of dollars each year.


How Often Should I Update the On Hold Messages?

It depends on your business industry, type of callers and marketing plan. Assuming that you take a profit driven approach to using your telephone on hold messages as a marketing tool, you will want to consider changing at a minimum of twice per year, however its best to be more proactive and update more often like quarterly or even monthly. Callers love something new and refreshing (don’t we all!), particularly those that frequently call back and are placed on hold! Why not inform them them of special promotions, new products, or customer service info – there’s always something more that can be said! Make the most of your telephone’s on hold messaging infrastructure. It is an effective way to win, retain, and sell your callers on hold.


How Do I Choose the Right Custom On Hold Messages Provider?

As you begin your search for an on hold messages service provider, you’ll find many companies advertising that they can do the job for you. But, you don’t want just any company, nor do you want the same ho-hum, boring hold-music heard at most businesses, because boring is something your business can’t afford to be. You want a provider that adds real value to your bottom line, you want an on hold company that’s responsive to your needs, has a proven track record, and finally, you want a provider that makes the process easy, so you don’t have to!

Here is our top 5 recommendation of what to look for in a quality on hold message provider:

1) If you should require the necessary hardware, an experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should have a list of equipment options that you can choose from. They should be able to thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each, and guide you through or arrange for it to be professionally installed.

2) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider uses a royalty-free music, or they should offer licensing as part of the price.

3) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should have a variety of male or female voice talents and with sample on hold demos for each.

4) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should also provide you with different music styles that will fit the image of your brand.

5) Should you opt to write your own on-hold script to make it sound more personal, don’t forget to read it aloud yourself to see your long your message breaks. An experienced and reputable provider should include the creative copy-writing  as part of the package.


Final Thoughts…

In an ideal world you’d never put a caller on hold, but since most of the time that’s not a reasonable expectation for those tasked with receiving calls, your hold button is necessary. And, when it comes to your business, silence is not golden. Dead air on the other end of the line is not only a waste of a golden opportunity, it can leave callers frustrated, questioning whether or not you’re still even on the line.

Here’s Your Next Step:

Put yourself in the caller shoes! Call your business and ask to be put on hold. If all you hear is silence, don’t delay. Not only will on hold messages help drive sales and revenue, they will dramatically improve caller experience. It’s time to change the way you look at your on hold button. Any time you have the attention of your customers and prospects, you have a marketing opportunity. Contact Original On Hold, or start your risk free custom on hold demo today!



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