Spa & Salon On Hold Messaging Tips To Sell More Products & Services

Spa & Salon On Hold Messaging Tips To Sell More Products & Services

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A salon or spa is not just about the best service in itself, it’s also a lot about customer service and the customer experience. Every hair salon or spa owner knows that the most important element in retaining customers in their business is having a quality staff that ensures customer satisfaction on each and every visit. But retaining your existing customer base is not enough if you wish to grow your business. You have to market your salon or spa to new customers!

Marketing your salon or spa is as important to your business success as having a professional staff and competitive pricing! Telephone on hold messages is one of the most effective ways your salon or spa can reach out to clients, build relationships and ultimately build more business.

Imagine a prospective salon-spa client, calling in to make an appointment, the front desk is busy with visitors and scheduling, so the caller is placed on hold in dead-silence. Studies show that callers become frustrated and abandon the call at around 40 seconds, and that more than 35% of callers who hang-up, don’t call back! Lost callers due to hang-ups, means lost appointments and lost revenues.

Music and message on hold marketing is a highly-targeted, cost effective way to reduce caller hang-ups, and it also provides you with year- long marketing opportunities to promote retail items, special offers, lesser known services, gift certificates, memberships and more. In fact, its estimated that 25% of callers make a purchase based on an offer heard while on hold.

Are you ready to build your audience, nurture your existing client base, stay top-of-mind, all the time, AND generate revenue in the process? Below are a calendar of ways on hold marketing can help you sell more!

1. Winter (Beginning in January)

Winter is tough on hair, skin and nails. Promote winter specific treatments for skin and hair care, as well as tips for taking care of your skin, hair and feet during the very damaging winter months. Include promotions or specials that will encourage clients to schedule a massage, pedicure, straightening hair treatment, highlights to brighten their winter look, etc. Invite your clients to a consultation to achieve the best “winter look” possible.

2. Valentines Day. (February)

February is the month for lovers! It’s also the perfect time to promote gift certificates as well as other gift ideas customers are sure to fall in love with like: day-of-beauty packages, or a variety of Valentine’s special combination packages, such as a facial and a manicure, or a head-to-toe facial, massage and mani-pedi. This will get customers to try services they might not otherwise purchase. How about Mother/daughter specials and girlfriend specials can bring in twice the business!

3. Spring (April/May/June)

If you do bridal parties; Spring is a great time to promote this service, so be sure to let your callers know about any special bridal party deals you may offer. Plus, as the weather begins to warm up, it means short sleeves and shorts – the perfect time to encourage callers to come in for skin care treatments, a fresh new hair cut and a hair color consultation. The spring time also brings about many holidays you can tie into your on hold marketing message such as Easter, Father’s Day, Graduations, etc. Or, remind callers that a “day of beauty” makes a wonderful Mother’s day or birthday gift.

4. Summer (June/July/August)

Your guests want to step out looking their very best in the summer. This is the perfect time to include special offers to help them be ‘beach-ready!” Talk about manicures and pedicures, relaxing massages, waxing services, skin care treatments, facials and more.

5. Fall and Early Winter (September, October/November)

Fall is back-to-school time, so be sure to inform callers about any back-to-school special offers on services, and retail products for college kids heading off to school. And, as the seasons change, so do fashions and hairstyles. It’s the perfect time to invite customers to experience the latest trends for the season in colors, cuts, makeup and more.

6. Holidays (December)

This one is a no brainer! Gift certificates, holiday promotions and product baskets are a must mention in your message on hold during the holiday season in order to maximize holiday sales.

7. Get Referrals. (No Matter What Time Of Year!)

A referral incentive program is a must. It keeps your customers happy and helps you build your business. If you want to grow your salon or spa with referrals, you have to ask for them! Be sure to include referral programs or special referral incentive in your on-hold content. Think about more than just offering a discount. Instead, why not try offering a free service that customers may not use often. Not only will your clients feel great about getting a reward, but it’s also a great way to acquaint them with lesser known services.

8. Grow Your Email List. Attract More Fans and Followers.

Another way messages on hold can help grow your salon or spa is by mentioning your website address to drive visitors to your site. You can also take it a step further by encouraging callers to sign-up for monthly newsletter with helpful tips. Get callers to be social by inviting them to join or follow your social media channels.

In the highly competitive and crowded day spa industry, effective marketing can make or break your business. You need to do things differently in order to differentiate your business from the masses and take strides into the future by expanding your marketing channels and making them work to build your business in a more strategic way.

On hold advertising helps you attract new clients, engage and retain your client base and build your salon business. It gets and keeps you, in front of your clients with fresh and innovative campaigns and promotions, to ensure that your marketing message reflects the ‘the perfect cut’, every time.

Developing a level of service and a total salon environment, ambiance and client experience that cannot be replicated in another salon or spa gives you a competitive edge. Give your telephone a marketing makeover. Let’s face it, if you sound good, you look good.

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