Small Business Phone Music On Hold Review

Small Business Phone Music On Hold Review

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As music and message on hold industry experts for over 25 years, we’ve seen many different types of small business telephones over the years. A commonly asked question from prospective clients’ is: “What type of phones do I need in order to add music and message on hold”?

While most of your off-the-shelf 2-4 line phones (plain old telephones) are not music on hold compatible and require the use of our message on hold adapters. There are some manufactures of small business phones who recognize the importance of music-on-hold capability for the small business owner.

Today, we’ll take a look at the VTech CM18445 a cordless 4 line small business system, which is one of just a very few 2-4 line phones which provides a music on hold input to connect a music source for on hold music.


Here is their basic promo video on the phone system.


Let’s look at the music on hold feature first.

The VTech CM18445 also provides a music on hold input–a place to plug in the external media player–allowing endless music and messaging on hold options. Using the audio cable that is included with the phone, simply adapt one end to fit the RCA jack on the Original On Hold media device (or other MOH device) and scroll through settings options to choose the external music source callers will hear.

The phone’s music on hold will be heard by all those who are placed on hold using the hold button (no other keys to punch); the base station, cordless desk set and wireless hand-sets all play the music to callers on hold as well.

Thoughts On VTech Over the AT&T Syn-J

Until now, the AT&T Syn-J had been the primary option for a small business in need of phone capable of music and messages on hold. The Syn-J also allowed for the connection of an external music source, but it seems the Vtech has some made some improvements that’s worth noting.

Simpler Connection. AT&T has stopped sending the audio cable along with its Syn-J phones, which makes it next to impossible for consumers to connect the external music device as it requires a very small 2.5mm jack. The VTech phone includes the cable, which easily fits into the phone jack, making it easy to add customizable music on hold and messaging.

Separate MOH In-Put Jack. The VTech has one input for the MOH and a second for the Aux headset input. So, unlike the Syn-J, this phone will let you use the headset without disconnecting the music on hold.

Easier Programming. VTech has set up a user-friendly menu to make programming fairly simple vs the AT&T Syn-J. When scrolling through the music on hold options, you will actually hear that option. The phone can make a recording of audio or play default music.

Have questions about how to add on hold music to small business phones? Let us know below, we’ll be happy to answer.

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