Setting the Standard As a Better On Hold Messaging Service Provider

Setting the Standard As a Better On Hold Messaging Service Provider

There’s a hidden marketing secret at your business, in fact, one might call it the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, most businesses  aren’t capitalizing on this hidden marketing gem that can help you drive more sales. Where is it? What is it? How can I take advantage of it? The answer lies right within your telephone system’s hold button.

As you begin your search for an on hold messaging service provider, you’ll find many companies advertising that they  can do the job for you. But, you don’t want just any company, nor do you want the same ho-hum, boring  hold-music  heard at most businesses, because boring is something your business can’t afford to be. You want a provider that adds real value to your bottom line, you want an on hold company that’s responsive to your needs, has a proven track record, and finally, you want a provider that makes the process easy, so you don’t have to!

There’s a reason why The Original On Hold is setting new standards in the on hold marketing industry, and as you begin your journey in shopping for on hold messaging service providers, let’s a take a closer look at what makes us different.

Those darn hidden fees! 

Yup, you guessed it, as in any other industry, the music on hold industry has both good apples, and bad apples.  Many on-hold providers don’t advertise price, or have such a complex pricing matrix that only an astrophysicist can figure it out.  Other providers have hidden usage fees not disclosed at the time of sale. Not at The Original On Hold! We offer upfront, “all-inclusive” pricing, with no hidden maintenance or usage fees, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying. No guess work  and no surprises.

The Script Must be relevant to your business needs.

If the on hold service provider prepares unrelated and meaningless on hold content for your business it will be a waste of the caller’s time and your money. You need to have significant and informative information to influence the caller to buy your service or products. At The Original On Hold, we have a talented group of copywriters (no boiler-plate scripts here), voice talents and studio directors that give you a well produced on hold message that will actually keep callers connected, and add value to their wait time and your business.

Real advice on how many changes your company requires

We’re no new kid on the block! The Original On Hold has been serving businesses in almost every market sector for the past 23 years. We don’t try to over-sell you something you don’t need, or won’t use. Why? It’s simple. You’ll feel cheated, as if you were taken advantage of, and results in eventually losing you as a customer and potential valuable referrals. First, we talk to you, get to understand the type of callers you are getting. Are callers on-hold customers that call you regularly, or just every now and again? This is just one of several areas we look at when putting together a winning strategy to recommend how often a message change is required.

Several years back, a fairly well-known player in the industry at that time developed a brilliant marketing ploy – “Unlimited Changes!” Wow, unlimited changes, sounds like a pretty good deal. But, buyer beware,  as this is nothing more than the gym membership marketing scheme. National chain gym’s and health clubs are well-known for this type of marketing ploy, as they actually bank on the fact that a lot of customers who pay, don’t use their membership to its fullest or even use it at all. Don’t be enticed by “False Claims” like unlimited on hold messages. This is a tactic used by companies to lure customers into business. Most companies update their messages on average of two to four times a year, and we see a very limited number of industries who have the need to change messages each and every month.

We Built A Better Mousetrap

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients who’ve tried other on hold providers is that updating messages is a real hassle.  First, you play the game of phone-tag with a sales representative, which is usually then followed up by lots of faxing or emailing back and forth, etc.  To us, this seems like a very daunting task! As industry innovators, we at The Original On Hold were the first to develop an online interface (Message Xpress) which would allow clients to quickly, and easily update script content anytime, from anywhere, 24 hours a day. Whether sitting at your desk, or from your laptop in your hotel room in minutes you can create a new message script for a sales promotion, special offer, product launch, etc.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Many clients initiate purchasing on hold messages from a company online. This means that except for in very rare cases, you’ll never meet them, and they’ll never meet you.  How many times have you purchased something online and when it arrived it wasn’t exactly as promised, didn’t work properly or didn’t work at all?  Even worse, now that you’ve made a purchase online and you need support, you never get to speak to a live person, or when you do leave a message – no one ever returns your call. Frustrating! And, I think many of us have experienced this at some point (this just happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves!). That’s why, at The Original On Hold, we give you exactly what you paid for, we’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction and developing long lasting relationships you can trust. We return all phone calls, and we also offer live chat support at our website, so you’re assured of getting the help you need, when you need it.

The Brand You Can Trust

We have a drive and determination to be considered the Mercedes Benz of the audio marketing industry. Our commitment to quality extends throughout our organization and our people. We are continuously seeking to advance our industry standards and quality, and constantly seeking ways to continue to improve and grow our skill set, so that we may better serve our clients and customers.

It’s really quite simple. At The Original On Hold, we believe that when a brand sets a higher standard for itself and live by it no matter what that cost, it helps in achieving greater trust, credibility and becomes the brand of choice. Still not convinced? Take us op on our risk-free on hold demo trial. Not just some sample of a company in your industry, but we’ll write, produce and let you audition a custom on hold production for your business. You be the judge!

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