Video Marketing Strategies for Senior Home Care Services

Video Marketing Strategies for Senior Home Care Services

Senior Home Care Services Video Marketing Strategies

If you own or operate a senior home care services business, it’s easy to be consumed with the daily operation of your agency. The demands of hiring care givers, winning new customers, and the never ending list of management duties can push any leader from a focus on growth to just grinding out daily tasks for both client and caregiver. The expert guide for home care marketing provides a high impact plan for marketing rises above tactics and positions your home care or home care company for growth.

Most marketers in senior care understand the critical role that adult children play in their elderly parents’ care decisions. Industry surveys show 70-75% of move-in decisions to both assisted living and independent living communities are influenced by adult children–mostly baby boomers in their 50s and 60s.Most adult children now start their buying decision making process online. So how do you reach this valuable audience? With custom video marketing — that’s how!

Prospective clients are not only looking for the right collection of services offered, but also the right people. To feel certain about a service, they need to be assured that the person they’re about to trust with their care will be enjoyable to spend time with and will help them be comfortable with their needs. This is where video marketing opens up entirely new online advertising possibilities.

Engage your home care and aging care audience and convert prospect into clients with video marketing:




Enhance Your Online and Social Presence.

Potential clients are likely going to search the internet for your website, social media pages, and of course your reviews. Even if you have a professional website, and especially if you’re actively using social media to try and attract potential clients, don’t take any shortcuts — you need an immediate way to engage your audience, stand out from the crowded internet and social media platforms with a professional video production. As they say, first impressions matter,  and a high-quality image video will establish a positive first impression and build trust for your organization.


Service Descriptions.

There are a lot of details to home care that aren’t answered by a list of services. Service description videos can double as engaging content for your services page and friendly promotional video in an online marketing campaign. Relevant, informative video content can help you reach out and talk to your potential customers in your market and establish you as a trust resource.


Show Off What Makes You the Right Choice.

In the world of home care, there’s no room for second guesses. Your clients are going to want to know exactly what you have to offer as far as your facilities, equipment, knowledge and experience. It’s critical that you inspire confidence, and quality business video is a great way to begin that journey.  When your clients trust you, they’re far more likely to refer your business to friends and family, and referrals which are the crux of the home care industry.


Final Thoughts.

Just think about it.  The market that you are trying to attract are facing a tough, life changing decision.  Whether it is an elder who understands that they can no longer care adequately for themselves, or a caregiver who sees the mental decline of their loved one and requires help.  These tough decisions and emotional turmoil create a need for more engaging content.  While they may enjoy inspirational and helpful materials, visual content will really attract and engage their attention.

One of the most powerful marketing tools for home care businesses is a high-quality promotional video. A video is your chance to sell your company as the best choice and provide an in-depth look at your organization.

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