Say No To Silence With Custom Music On Hold & Messages

Say No To Silence With Custom Music On Hold & Messages

Did you know that the Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very much real! How do I know this you might ask? Well, they have to be real, because today, I heard from a business owners the biggest myth of all; “We don’t place callers on hold?”

Listen, hold-time happens! In fact, AT&T reports 7 out of every 10 calls are placed on hold. I don’t care what business or industry you’re in,  placing callers on hold is inevitable.  What happens when you have to look up information, check the appointment scheduling, inventory or an order status? You place your caller on hold, that’s what happens! How about when you’re short staffed, or (as an example) you’re an HVAC company, with record heat temperatures predicted – this means higher than normal call volume, which again means having to make callers wait on hold.

So, I prefer you tell me a more believable myth – ‘We don’t place callers on hold for very long!”  However, the length of time you place callers on-hold”, has nothing to do with whether or not they should wait in absolute dead-silence, or you should try to capitalize .

Businesses spend billions of dollars short :15 and :30 second radio and tv commercials.  What can you possibly tell someone in 15-30 seconds? A lot!  Silence on hold can bring a huge negative impact to your brand’s reputation, making callers feel like they’ve been disconnected from the line. Did you know that 32% of the callers don’t call back when they hang-up? One call lost means a prospective sale gone.

What’s the best way to make your caller’s wait worthwhile? Get professional on hold messaging! The waiting time for consumers are the best opportunities for you to tell them about your products and services as well as to inform them the key features your brand has that competitors don’t.

Research has found out that on hold messages played over your telephone systems can rouse customer interest which results in additional sales, and that 25% of callers stay on the line up to 3 times longer when they hear a top-notch on hold message rather than listening to silence, or some irrelevant background music. On hold messages can also make a difference with your waiting consumers.  Rather than callers growing angry and frustrated while waiting  for you on the other line,  on hold programming helps in reducing frustration!

Don’t let any more calls pass you by. Get your business a professional on hold message system, and you’ll see what we’re talking about!


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